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CTB16PCg3 Appears Dead - No Green LED


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Hello everyone.

I have a CTB16PCg3 that has stopped working.  

I have a total of 2 controllers, and this is second year for this unit.


The unit was working properly when I put it up Thanksgiving, and worked properly Friday, but today, when the show came on, I noticed that my leaping arches weren't working.  I opened the plastic outer enclosure to find that there is no Green LED.


The first unit is still working.


I plugged the unit into another outlet, and still nothing.

I replaced the 2 fuses in the unit, again with no change.

Looking at the unit and board, I don't see anything obviously blown, burnt, etc..


So, I am stumped, and lost 1/2 of my light show :(


I have not seen anything in the forums about totally dead controllers with NO green LED at all.


Very sad to have lost my arches, and hoping someone can help me troubleshoot the issue and get things working again.


Thank you for any information!


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