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A listing of questions that are frequently asked, and an answer.

Question: Can I have two or more controllers with the same address?
Answer: This is technically possible. The controllers listen for data that is intended for them. If you had 15 controllers all listening for UnitID 03, then all 15 would respond to commands for 03.  Note: Multiple controllers with the same address could make it a little more difficult to troubleshoot issues that may be happening in the display. Example: You are having a problem with Unit 03, but which Unit 03? When you pull up the Hardware Editor, you are going to have two 03's in there. 

Question: Why does my second generation Pixie controller keep resetting to ID 01?
Answer: The second generation Pixie controllers have DIP Switches that can be used to set the address. Please see the product documentation to see how the address is set for your device. You can use either the Hardware Utility OR the Dip Switches. 

Question: Do I have to connect the controllers in numerical order?
Answer: The controllers to NOT have to be connected in numerical order. You may connect the controllers in any order you wish within a specific network. (What is a Network? FAQ to come.)

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