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LOR Hardware

The LOR Hardware category is broken down into various sections. Please read the descriptions for the sections below and place your question in the category that fits your question/problem.


  1. LOR Hardware - General

    There are several forums here which you can use to ask your question. If you do not see a forum for the are with which you are having a problem, then ask about it here.

    This is not a general LOR Forum. If you have a question about Software, please use the LOR Software General forum. By putting your message in the correct group, you are helping everyone find the information they may be looking for.

  2. Showtime Pro Commercial Controllers

    This sub-forum is for questions related to the LOR800W, LOR800Wg3, LOR1600x, LOR1602x, and LOR1602Wg3. These are the controllers that are mounted in the metal enclosures.

  3. Showtime Pro Residential (DIY/PC) Controllers

    This sub-forum is for questions related to the CTB16PC series of controllers. These are the controllers that are mounted in the plastic enclosures.

  4. LOR RGB Devices

    All LOR RGB Hardware questions should go here. This would cover

    • LOR Pixie 4,8,16
    • LOR PixCon16
    • New generation CCC-II devices (Ribbons, Bulbs, Pixels)
    • LOR 10w/50w Floods
    • All LOR RGB Accessories
    • Legacy: Original LOR CCR and CCB/CCP Products

    Questions related to other devices that are not Light-O-Rama RGB devices should be placed in General Decorating Questions or The Coffee Shop.

  5. LOR DMX

    Having problems getting DMX to work with LOR? General LOR DMX questions are tackled here.

    If you have a specific question about how to incorporate DMX into the software, please use the forum specific to your software version.

  6. LOR DIY Kits

    Have a question about one of the Light-O-Rama DIY kits? Need help putting them together, or want more information? Ask it here.

    If you have a question about another lighting technology, please direct those questions to the General Decorating Questions forum.

  7. LOR Components and Accessories

    This forum is to discuss the following, Mini-Directors, Showtime Directors (Including ones embedded into 1602's), RS-485 Adapters, Input Pup, Easy Light Linkers, PixieLink sACN Adapter and any other product found here. Show Control and Communications

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