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Pixie firmware versions:
1.01  Initial release version, bootloader does not work.
            (must be returned to factory to update bootloader)
          Macros, color effects, and standalone are not implemented.
          Only full resolution and resolution 1 implemented.
          Hold down test button to run test pattern on pixels.
          Supported: WS2811, WS2801, SM16716, LPD6803, TMI1803, TMI1804, TMI1809.
          Max pixels/string: 100.
1.02  Initial release version (same as 1.01), working bootloader.

1.03  Macros, color effects, and resolution implemented for 50 pixel ribbons/strings.
             (original CCR compatibility mode)
          Single shimmer timer for all pixels (LOR effect).
          Implement DIP switches for 2nd generation Pixies.
          Implement standalone - bug can cause standalone sequence to hang.
          Test button:
             Hold during power up to reset controller.
             Hold 5 secs while powered up to reset controller.
             Press momentarily to start pixel test pattern.
             Press momentarily again to stop, or wait 5 minutes.
          Implement DMX input for Pixie2 & Pixie4 - has two bugs.
          Add RGB ICs: 943, UCS1903 (Use WS2811 for UCS1903, timings adjusted for both)

1.04   4.3.34 Hardware Utility or later required to configure props & per port color order. If you have an earlier version of LOR software that supported Pixie configuration but does not recogninize your pixie with 1.04 firmware then you should upgrade to 4.3.34. If your license does not support upgrading to 4.3.34 and you are not ready for a license renewal then you can use the LOR_DeviceFile.txt (below) which should allow you to configure your pixie with 1.04 firmware. (Replace file normally located in C:\Program Files(x86)\Light-O-Rama\)
          Support Pixie4DMX (iDMX1000 replacement).
          Fix DMX input to Pixie2 & Pixie4.
          Fix boundary problem in Enhanced Network mode that could lose last pixel's data.
          Fix standalone hang.
          Standalone transmit rate changed to 500K.
          Implement Props (singing faces).
          Implement regular LOR network DMX intensity command.
          Implement port selectable color order.
          Max pixels/string: 170.

1.05  Max pixels/string: 200
          Props (singing trees) on Pixie16 increased from 4 to 8.
          If number of pixels/string on Pixie16 set to more than 100,
              then LOR effects are disabled for all channels, before this
              version it would always process LOR effects on the first
              50 pixels when in LOR network mode.
          Support for PixieLink protocol
          Allow Pixie2 in DMX to have 100 pixels on second string.
                DMX intensities 1-150 = first string 50 pixels.
                DMX intensities 151-450 = second string 100 pixels.
          RGB IC GS8208 (also WS2813)
          RGB IC APA102 (also SK9822)
          Fatal error 41 halt fixed

1.06   Various performance enhancements for PixieLink support
          Add 17Mbps PixieLink speed
          Change pixel string refresh rate from 40/sec to 44/sec
          Implement simultaneous bank update on the Pixie16 for the WS2811 RGB IC
             It usually updates strings 1-8, then 9-16. There was a few ms delay
             Want to see if this affects the appearance of displays

1.07    Add CMB24D/CMB16D emulation.
             For Pixies 2, 4, 8 & 16, the first 2, 4, 8 pixels of the first Unit ID control the first 2, 4, 8 strings.
             On a Pixie16, the first 8 pixels of the second unit ID control strings 9-16.
          Add UCS1903 RGB IC at 800KHz; TMI1803 has exact timing for UCS1903 @ 400KHz.
          Add bit to note that there is at least one jumper on JP5. HWU will report and refer user to manual.
          Change default configuration for an un-configured Pixie to USC1903 @ 800KHz, 100 pixels/string, RGB color order,
              this handles all known versions of the 800KHz WS2811 & UCS1903.

1.08   Implement Logical Resolution of 1 for LOR mode Pixie16.
          Implement version 2 of Zuzu, Elden, Felix, & Ralphie props.
         JP5 jumpers -low order 3 bits set a pixel configuration.
                                -high order bit (8) forces use of legacy control pixels (p1-8) on all props If not set, V2 props use
                                  V2 control pixels (P9-P22) -- more detailed mouth shapes.

1.09   Change initial default pixel type back to WS2811, UCS1903 didn't work on some WS2811 RGB ICs.

1.10    Add singing pumpkins Gourdy, Jack, Max & Munchkin.
          Max pixels/string set to 170 (compatibility with E1.31)


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