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  2. when I connect the device to a lor controller it allows me to set the current time and the date. It never shows the clock time moving as time passes. When I put the sd card in it shows wait like it has a sequence to play, but does not come on and he time on the device is still at what I originally set it to. I know it has to have a battery inside to set the clock and run it so is it possible to replace it and if show how? I set the sd card using the Hub and set the start time and end time for the show. I updated the firmware yesterday and still the clock shows nothing other than what I se
  3. I'm going to guess you've swapped cables around. If not, see what happens (if possible) when you connect only #1 to #3, same for #2 to #3. Since the light on #3 starts blinking when connected to other LOR devices, that has me thinking there is a wire (or pin) crossed somewhere that's causing it to lose connection.
  4. No when I play a sequence the controller 3 status light blinks
  5. When you connect it to the other two controllers, is the status light staying solid? Hopefully so. If it is, then that would usually point to an error in the sequence/Preview, and Unit 03 not being in there. If you want to send in a help desk ticket and attach the sequence there, I'll take a look.
  6. Yes it powers on. If connected to my computer and to the hardware utility as the only controller it works. Once I connect the two other controllers it does not work. As not working I mean that it is not doing what I have programmed in the sequence editor.
  7. Can you describe a bit more about "it's not working" ? Does it power on? (yes?) Does it get a steady status light when you connect to it? (yes?) Does your programming use Unit ID 3? Does it not do what you programmed?
  8. I updated to basic plus last week
  9. Check your license level. The Basic software license will only let you run 2 Unit ID's. You would need to upgrade to Basic Plus, or higher. http://store.lightorama.com/s2soup.html
  10. Today
  11. HELP! I have three controllers and just tried to connect the third and it is not working. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. I have a cat-5 going from controller 1 to controller 2 and from controller 2 to controller 3. For some reason it is not working. I have also set the Unit ID to 3 on controller 3.
  12. I would love a copy of this as well... schlong@outlook.com.thank you for sharing!
  13. James is there any chance you have a sequence for "Show yourself" from frozen II? Thank you in advance for your help. John
  14. Ok I'm doing something wrong. I've gone into network preferences and set regular to comm port 5. speed 57.6k. Then on aux a is comm 6 speed 500.0k enhanced. In pixel editor the prop definition is set to Network aux a. In sequence editor the ac controllers are set to regular network. When I enable the show only the ac lights in regular Network work. If I open pixel editor and press play the pixel matrix works. Grrrrrrrrr ::hair pulling motion::
  15. You can undock the playback window and use the Sequencer full screen.
  16. The check box is checked for the enhanced network and the status light is solid green when the LOR control panel is open.
  17. As several of you are, I run MIIP. That means every song is played as the first song in a "new" show. I ran two tests today, and was seeing several seconds of delay (up to 5 or 6) between songs - seemed like forever... I can't post a log because show computer does an automated reboot Wednesday afternoon - which of course wipes the status display log. I'll run another test tomorrow morning.
  18. Could I get a copy please if still available. Thank You thompsonlou@tds.net Kevin
  19. When my vision was a bit better than it is now, I could cut them off, but doing so now, I'd just damage the cable{and I have}. They are a bear to get into and out of RGB Controllers like the CCB100D and the Pixie2D, but I manage. I tried sliding many of my boots off cat5 cables I have, couldn't get a single one to slide off, I almost broke the tang off one of the connectors trying to slide it off. No go for me, and before I broke a good cable, I quit messing with it. Just not worth it to try and slide them off when they don't come off very easily, if at all.
  20. Are your female ends and the male/female pass through plugs on your net lights covered with a child proof outlet cover? I had similar issues with net lights years ago, and water was getting into the female end connectors, as well as the male/female pass through plugs. I installed the Child Outlet Protector caps and never had any further issues with them. So I use these on all my extension cord connections that aren't used, as well as any light stands that have those type plugs on them. Haven't had any issues in many, many years after I started using these. They might help
  21. Since you said you are using Pixel Editor, is the LOR network set to Enhanced? And is the CTB16 a Gen-3 controller (the status LED on the board normally is Green rather than red)?
  22. JR, Could I get a copy of this please thompsonlou@tds.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. Thanks, Kevin
  23. Well I was feeling anxiety about not getting my show up and running. Looks like I'm not alone. I need to adopt the attitude some of y'all have about being OK with it though. Lol. Fingers crossed I can get through the weekend without a Clark Griswold tirade! 😆
  24. Been playing with S5 on another computer, got to say I still hate it! I prefer the easier way the Sequencer is set up in S4, with my vision issues, it's just easier. Yes, I've made the screen larger in S5, but it takes too much off the screen, there is just too much crap on the screen at one time for my liking. Maybe if those 2 windows were more like the Animation window where if you wanted to see them, then you'd click on the area in the drop down menu to access them. They are part of the problem, if they could be turned off and the sequencing screen larger without them that'd suit me
  25. Hi Everyone, Thought I had this down but got held up today. I bought a singing Christmas tree and pixel tree sequence from holiday sequences, to which I can get the 16 ribbon pixel tree displaying great on my Pixcon controller through my ethernet jack, however the CTB16PC board will not play the show through the RS485 adapter via USB. The CTB board tests fine (I can change the unit id, test the lights through the utility). Once I run my show it won't work, and I cannot manually activate the lights through pixel editor. I've confirmed within my show that the channels and unit id matche
  26. Yes, i figured it out, but I should not even have to do that. Never had to in the HU when setting shows for a Director, and the HU still works the same as it always did with one exception now, earlier versions allowed me to use basically unlimited sequences in a show, but the S4 version now limits it to 99. Which I really don't like, because my Off Hours Music Show runs for 10 hours 25 minutes with 221 sequences. And I've had to break that down into 3 shows, whereas in the past this would have only been ONE SHOW, not three, with a start time of 07:00AM and an end time of 05:25PM,
  27. Yesterday
  28. I buy all my Kingston SD Cards directly from Kingston too. Wouldn't go any other route. I found them for a lot less at other places, but when something is so drastically reduced than what the actual manufacturer sells it for, that sets off the red lights and warning bells in my head.
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