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  2. I should have added one more about the Pixie. With the new PixieLink E1.31 interface, you could run a Pixie controller via the PixieLink using E1.31 from your show device, and therefore require an Advanced or Pro license. Not used to thinking about the PixieLink yet...
  3. Absolutely. At least the CMB16 and CMB24 DC controllers. Pixcon16 requires E1.31 which requires at least an Advanced license or ELOR which requires a Pro level license. Pixie controllers may or may not require ELOR depending on which docs you read.
  4. Will a BASIC+ license even allow you to run an RGB controller of any type {Dumb or Smart}? I have used Advanced and Pro when it became available. But back when I started out, I don't think there were any RGB type lights or devices available, and I had a Basic+ license at that time, soon found out I needed to go advanced to be able to control the number of controllers I had. And CTB16PC Controllers are only 16 AC ONLY channels, you can not plug RGB lights into any of those AC channels or the magic smoke is coming out, and you may even start a fire in doing so!
  5. Glad you found the culprit! And everything is running smoothly again. I should have REMEMBERED and suggested that. Sometimes the simplest of issues that cause something just eludes us, or we fix them at some point and forget that's how we corrected it. I had forgotten about the USB cable could cause that, and I should have remembered it! Why? Because I've had to replace TWO USB cables that go to my 2 adapters. But that was a couple of years or so ago, so they didn't even come to mind....BUT, they should have.
  6. Yep, wording and information that isn't crystal clear in a manual can lead to all sorts of issues, especially when typing a response here. I know, I got tossed into the hoosegow here {Mod Que} for posting misinformation on the N4-G4 MP3 Director, but what I posted I got from the manual, but the manual was incorrect, and the real info was in the documentation of the S5 software, which I never would have, and did not know at the time, as I wasn't even looking at S5 at the time. So I'd have never seen this info, someone posted a link way after my post, I believe it was Aubrey that did {or she sent it to in a PM}, and then I could see for certain what I had posted was, in fact, inaccurate. But I honestly did not know it was at the time of my writing my reply to that particular N4-G4 thread. And I sure would not have thought to look in the S5 Software documentation for that content, since, again, I was not using S5 at the time. Not only did that get me into trouble, which could have been avoided, providing that info in the manual had been updated or added. That info SHOULD be in the N2-G4/N4-G4 manual as well. Since it wasn't, I responded with something I truly believed to be accurate from the manual, but was not So RTFM does not always apply! Because you may read it, misinterpret it, or it just is not clearly worded that makes it crystal clear, so interpretation is open to the end user, and they might just get it wrong. And then post something inaccurately, but not realize it. I know it can happen, because it happened to me.
  7. <soapbox> This is one that drives me nuts. So many people are determined that they need to build controllers. No, in the Prop Editor you build props, and assign them to channels - which will be on one or more controllers. </soapbox>
  8. So last night it appeared to run correctly. It was off this mornign as it was supposed to be. I guess it somehow just didn't detect the schedule because I had rechecked after the above comments, and it was all set to PM, around 4-5 hours of run time.
  9. I see what you mean about wording. There are a bunch of iffy (meaning open for alternate interpretation) ones on that page. Pixies do not require Ethernet. THEY CAN"T USE Ethernet. I can see how there might be confusion to a novice. Required ELOR to fully utilize, is not the same a Mandatory, which is what I interpreted your statement as.🙁 (I had not bothered to fully read the Gen2 (includes Pixie2) manual, as I already had a Xeroxed Gen 1 manual that came with my Pixie4's years ago. I had just looked at the jumper/configuration pages for my Gen2 Pixie4's and noted the changes: Termination, No accessory power on the RJ45.)
  10. Enhanced is REQUIRED for a pixie16. (Pixie controller) Read the manual, do the research Manual page 5, second paragraph. Yes it sort of contradicts itself but typos do happen but the second part stateS “ ELOR network is required to run the pixie correctly”. ELOR is only included in the Pro version. Its been like that since beta Also note- a Pixie16 can be run at 1000k only if there are no other controllers other than pixies on the associated network. JR
  11. JR I am not sure where you got the idea that Pixies REQUIRE enhanced. That IS TRUE for the Pixcon per https://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ OTOH A Pixie 16 fully loaded could benefit the network by using enhanced
  12. Not to sure about that. I remember 1 other person a while back that could not locate a pixie due to not having a pro license, however I cannot recall if he had a basic or advanced license. Not in the case of the OP but remember a pixie controller will not be found in the HU if the HU is not 4.4.0 or above since the pixie was not added until 4.4.0 Have to attempt to rule it out since the OP will require a Pro license to use the pixie controller as required with the Enhanced net work. He understands my reasoning. If it doesn’t work it will more than Likely be a defective com chip in which case I can replace in a day turn around time. Just have to make all things equal before ruling out all possibilities. Troubleshooting 101. JR
  13. That will do it! Glad you got it working.
  14. That fails my sanity check. Hardware Utility does not care about license level and ALWAYS operates non-Enhanced.
  15. Thanks Orville. I had high hopes but I’m afraid the driver update didn’t make a difference. I still get the same error. Hoping someone else has a fix. Update. Problem solved. Turns out it was a bad USB cable off the RS485 adapter. The show is up and running. Thanks for the suggestions.
  16. I had the pleasure of speaking with Twiggy140 on the phone. After a brief discussion learned his license level was only Advanced so that is probably the reason his pixie16 is no longer discovered in HU. All settings are now correct so when he upgrades to Pro he should be good to go and if it is still undiscoverable it will be a com chip problem. If that is the case he will send it to me for repair but I am almost certain it will work once he has upgraded to the Pro license. Not sure why it worked the first time but it could be if he had assigned multiple IDs that it was lighting from that but that is just a hunch. JR
  17. Yesterday
  18. Here are some that i was looking at that i found in the forum. They may have been from a few years ago but this technology is moving at the speed of snails so you will likely find what you need. Also the thing that i have been playing with is my preview. spend the time to set it all up how you think you want it. Follow the 4x4x4x4 model at least loosely. when you get the sequences you will need to match the channels up. I like to click on the channel name on the right side box that comes up. Then pull down and find the channel on the list coming in to match them up. you will need to do that for all your channels to sync them where you want them. Thats why its important to set up the preview first before trying to bring in your new sequences. For what its worth. I'm still a Greenie myself. http://www.christmasoncoldenhill.com/services.html https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/42466-all-people-with-16-channels-willing-to-trade-sequences-or-looking-for-sequences-identify-yourselves-here/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-417154 https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/47709-free-16ch-christmas-sequences-synced-to-video-or-custom-slide-show/?tab=comments#comment-441932
  19. Ok, I just tried deleting the show schedule, and created a new one, and saved. We'll see tonight if it shuts off or not.
  20. But trying to do a blind FW update doesn't work with the Pixie16 or any other controllers I have, if the HU can not see it, it literally is not there to send anything too. I let the FW update run the other day for 3, perhaps possibly 4+ hours, only ONE cat5 from Red HS Adapter to Pixie16, nothing, nada, was connected anywhere else. All the HU did was sit there for all those hours and show "Searching" in the box under Activity, no download ever commenced. So there is no way to do a blind FW update with this controller, tried it, and it just sat there and did nothing, never came back with controller not found or anything other than the word "Searching" in the box under Activity. I figured after 3 to 4+ hours, it's not going to send anything to the controller.
  21. Hello! I'm late to the party (just getting started in holiday lights) but would love a copy of your Christmas Rhapsody for my own personal use and not to be shared. Thank you!
  22. Thanks fellas. Upgraded to pro, will search YouTube now for the videos
  23. DANG! Why didn't I think of that? Will definitely do that in the future.
  24. Using Phil's suggestion of deleting weeksched.lsc and yearsched.lsc just note that you can rename those files to something else so you either don't loose the data, or can easily change schedules simply by renaming a file. For example, I have a weeksched - Year-round.lsc, a weeksched - MIIP.lsc, and a weeksched - Halloween.lsc (plus a few old ones). In a week when I switch to my Halloween show, instead of re-creating the entire schedule, I just copy weeksched - Halloween.lsc to weeksched.lsc and I'm done. Same thing for Christmas. BTW, all this is done in Windows, not in LOR.
  25. Gentlemen, Thank you for responding. To be clear my computer stays on 24/7. I used show schedule last year no problem. All I did this year was I made a new show called slow fade for Halloween, and I plugged it in there. I opened up the calendar looking hourly view and it clearly says 5:30 till 10 PM. The brownish area is clearly just the 4.5 hours of duration, each day. This mornng, nad yesterday morning, all the floods lights were still flashing away out there like the schedule was still running. I am just not sure what I'm doing wrong. I goess I can try to create a whole new schedule and new show file just to make sure something isn't hosed up somehow.
  26. Actually getting a small amount of measurable rain this morning. Only 0.06 inches, but it's better than nothing. At least gets the grass wet...
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