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  2. Just look in this section, if you see any you like all you do is ask and if its still being shared you'll get a reply. JR
  3. K6ccc, I've trying to think of a way to do this for years without damaging my roof and what you've described here is nothing short of genius. Thank you.
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  5. This will be my first year doing show, and I am very new, and mostly clueless, but starting to put my show together. I will have 32 channels, but I made a singing tree out of 9 of the channels. I use AC lights, just get them at Menards. I have sequenced 2 songs, Grinch and Country Christmas (Loretta Lynn), and have realized to get to my 10-12 song goal I may have to quit my job and barricade myself. I was wondering if anyone had any AC sequences they are willing to share? I’m not sure how that works, but I have read some posts on sharing. I am open to any and all ideas, suggestions, or advice.
  6. I have a Kulp K8-B for sale. This is in perfect working condition and has only been used for testing. I purchased this last February from Wiredwatts. Comes with a Beaglebone black rev C, 64gb sandisk sd card, Edimax wifi adapter, 3 port usb hub and a sound blaster usb adapter. It's also housed in a Cg1500 enclosure with a 12v power supply. I have decided not to use this setup and just stick with all my Falcon controllers. I believe FPP version 3.6.xx is currently installed so it wouldn't hurt to update that.If you want to see a pic, send me a pm and I will send one to you. I am asking $165 for
  7. #1. The N4-G4 to N4-G4 Director Link is only on Network 1 to Network 1 of the 2nd Director. And if using ELL's this is ONLY for 56K speeds, maybe 115K at most, so if you need Enhanced or higher speeds, like for RGB Controllers that may require both 500K and Enhanced, using ELL's WILL NOT WORK, the ELL's are mainly for older AC Controllers {Pre-Gen 3} or G3 AC Controllers used at LOWER speeds {56K) and NON Enhanced Networks. #2. The ELL must be supplied with power by using an adapter appropriate for the ELL power requirements. The N4-G4 Director DOES NOIT supply power to ANY accessories
  8. Purchased my N4-G4 Director in or around April 2020, ran tests on it with every contrioller in my show. Yes, I set up a temp display for year round testing in most cases to check my progress on how a sequence is going to look and to make sure everything is and will still function at shoiw time. So for several months and then it tan my show for about 45-50 days. Never locked up once, never froze up, it's been outside now since the end of November 2020 and is running my handicap ramp lights for now, soon to have some additional yard lighting added, and it has never froze or skipped a beat,
  9. Asking $20 each plus buyer to pay shipping. I used these 1 year each and both are in great condition Here is the link from where I purchased them from https://christmaslightshow.com/products/24-rgb-star-flare-metal-frame-only?_pos=16&_sid=2acad80c8&_ss=r
  10. Text me a link to what you are looking at. You have my number LOL remember .5 v wont travel as far. JR
  11. Yep I tried the above and just did a fresh install. No luck. Time to submit a ticket. Thx everyone for your input / suggestions.
  12. If you are looking for lowest total wattage, with most pixels you will get less power consumption with 5 volt pixels as opposed to 12 volt pixels.
  13. pjpilker


    thanks i found it. just a slow learner. 😉
  14. Jr looking at them on amazon $ 23.58 Canadian with free shipping that is cheap wondering if you can get them cheaper i have the .6 watts per node at 50 nodes per string and i get them for $15.60 Canadian plus shipping
  15. All mine have been doing this for some time now, new sequences, old sequences, all drivers are updated, tried the three different levels of playback also. one computer is worse than the other, but both do it, has been for I think the last three versions of 5. Doesn't matter if you are controlling the lights or not for me, and if you are controlling the lights with sequencer, the lights have that same pause. Both machines also have an SSD drive. Luckily if you make a show, and use scheduler it works without the pausing. Also the only thing installed on the one that is the worst, is LOR, MS
  16. My friend, I use LOR or Rextin mainly. Both of those are low power. JR
  17. Thanks to JR’s patience I now have it sorted. For those interested it was a combination of different things. Having the lights wired in the right direction, resetting the controller, ensuring all connections were pined correctly and having the right KHz value in the config settings After years with LOR ac lights this is all new thanks ahain Tony
  18. I don't actually think this will work, but in Tools/Sequencer Preferences, the editing tab, try checking the second option in the double click to edit. Also in Playback, change the color sample to No Color Sample. Does it do it with control lights unchecked. Have you tried an uninstall and reinstall of S5. It may be time to try a help ticket.
  19. What is the lowest wattage that one can buy for rgb pixel string 50 bulbs in 5volts and also in 12 volts and also who makes them and who sells them in the USA anyone have a list they might share thank you
  20. update... Still have the issue. I've tried new rips from CD - MP3, Wav, and WMA. Tried creating a new musicals with various formats and fresh rips with a default (blank) previews. None of these seem to remove the hesitation every 4 seconds. Reloaded Media Player and disabled the WMP Visualizer. Created Animation only - No Issue Running Windows 10, I7 7th Gen, 63G Ram, SSD drives, ASRock X299 XE Taichi. Triple 27" Monitors. I reduced to 1 monitor just in case - no difference.
  21. remade old music and many songs in my 80G library both mp3 and wav. My next step is to re-rip the music needed and also look again seen if I can disable the WMP visualizer and any enhancements. Bad part is some of the Media has been modified to shorten so if I have issues with those - lol - We'll see once I get past the this tune. Thanks again for the comments.
  22. Thanks to all i have checked continuity on the plug and agree they are fiddly but they seem ok. It’s past midnight here so I’m going to bed and will try again tomorrow. Hopefully it will make sense then cheers tony
  23. Last week
  24. Also Be sure that the clamp does not have the insulation in the jaw. Also be sure to use Data, not the Clock terminal (unused for 3 wire nodes) Bk-Yel-skipped-Rd
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