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  2. Do you really need 360? A corner should only need 270deg if set back (you only need the last 90 is if you have viewing from the back). Why does this matter. The number of Ports, strings and power supplies. (FWIW My 180 dumb tree uses 17 CMB24 RGB ports plus the AC topper ports. It started out as a 9 string AC tree... ๐Ÿ™ƒ and went down hill from there ) Ribbons are 5M (16') (and will need support as they are fragile.) so 1/2 ribbon will not meet you height need A 50count string of Bullets SET at 3" spacing (I made my own PIXnode type strip out of plumbers tape) is about 12'. I us
  3. I have been looking to purchase a mega pixel tree kit. My question is where is the best place to purchase a kit. I have looked at Light O Rama and Holidaycoro. The ones at Holidaycoro are a bit more customizeable than LOR. I am wanting a mega tree for July 4th. I prefer a tree taller than 10 ft. I live on a corner lot and would prefer a 360 degree tree. Any help would be greatly appreciate.
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  5. I wish they would get the sale page up so I can start making plans for what I want to try to get during the sale...
  6. Thanks - have several folks already interested. If one of them does not close I will add to craigslist too.
  7. Since you are doing a local sale only make sure you put an ad in your local Craigslist. I find Christmas lights and LOR shows for sale in there all the time.
  8. Its kind of a tradition for me to keep track of the Mad Gab sale page. In 2020 the sale was in May. The PixCons were first to sell out in 6 minutes and all the singing trees were gone in 16. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/52063-how-long-did-secret-sale-item-last/ Those who are waiting for a bargain price should be prepared. In and out in the first few minutes.
  9. I forgot to list other stuff that is included. Items that are not listed in the attachment include 2 spare Mean Well power supplies, spare smart and dumb RGB strings, 24 LED Candy Canes that are about 3 feet tall, lots of rebar for using as stakes, 6 PVC trees in the shape of tomato cages (about 5 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter at the base), 4 larger PVC trees that are wider. I use the smart RGB pixels on the smaller trees and the C7 RGBs on the bigger PVC trees. There is also 3 foot fake, green wreath. I also forgot that I have a 10x50 matrix of smart RGBs built into a frame ma
  10. Thatโ€™s both of us. Google drive thought I spoke spanish and the only way I solved that problem was to delete Google one drive or whatever it was. Drive me cryazy. Paul, Ray and Tom are all linked together. LOL I received an email a year ago from all three of them at once. JR
  11. I agree that is a really gooD price and Would get someone a great start. I Purchased an entire show including laptop in 2006. The only prop I still have left is the one singing tree LOL but it got me a start. OP- you should try tI post this on Some of the FB groups. Best of luck. JR
  12. Thanks Matt. Those are some really cool effects!
  13. That is an excellent price for all included, I wish I lived closer. Someone please grab this up before I make a road trip. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. I am moving and need to sell my complete Xmas light show. All the major pieces are listed in the picture. All of the controllers have waterproof CAT5 adapters (two per controller) and the setup includes lots of CAT5 cables, power cables, extension cables for the dumb RGB strings, all of the cases where I have stuff stored, the steel pipe for the 20 foot mega tree and lots more. I would prefer to sell everything as a package and I have priced this at over half the price compared to selling it in pieces. If no one is interested I will break it apart and sell separately. You can pickup everything
  15. Never knew of this feature (LOR shared favorites)...will have to check it out. And love the new waveform in 5.6 ME.
  16. Haha! I bowl in the National Bowling Tournament at South Point but I got a free week stay at Caesars Palace which just happens to be very close to Flamingo BLVD. I might have to check this out.
  17. We experienced a server issue which was just now fixed. 1) the Sequencer caches online files for 24 hours, so Motion Effect favorites won't automatically refresh on your PC until tomorrow. A work-around is to delete the "\LORInternal\Downloads\MotionEffects\LORFavorites.xml" file before opening the Sequencer. 2) in Preview Design, there are "Refresh" buttons for dialogs that display online content. The content of these dialogs won't automatically refresh until tomorrow; however, if the you press the Refresh button, it will update immediately. Sorry for the confusion.
  18. I had typed up a response to this thread that looked like below: It appears I have the same issue. The LOR Shared Favorites does not have an icon to expand the folder. Help Desk ticket was created. After creating the ticket I found a way to resolve the problem for my machine. I added what I experienced to the ticket I created. I'll let the developers determine root cause and provide a proper solution.
  19. Most of us tend to use Ray Wu's store on Alibaba because he understands what we are trying to accomplish pretty well. Also note: DO NOT let Alibaba calculate shipping. Figure out what you want and contact Ray and request a quote. By default, the Alibaba will calculate shipping based on shipping each item individually. Ray will give you a more reasonable quotation. BTW, I can't get much out of the page you linked - Alibaba is determined to believe that I read Arabic
  20. @dibblejr and @k6ccc I really appreciate what you guys did for the VCS, thank you for your time and sharing. And thanks to LOR for all the prizes.
  21. Sounds great. Thanks for the pictures. Here's what I was potentially looking to order... https://ar.aliexpress.com/item/32949663591.html?src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=708-803-3821&isdl=y&slnk=&plac=&mtctp=&albbt=Google_7_shopping&aff_platform=google&aff_short_key=UneMJZVf&albagn=888888&isSmbAutoCall=false&needSmbHouyi=false&albcp=9760820159&albag=99451607003&trgt=894486322073&crea=en32949663591&netw=u&device=c&albpg=894486322073&albpd=en32949663591&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgtWDBhDZARIsADEKwgOBBEIscPveUUSzxpUW2
  22. Ray will make them almost any length that you need. Post a link to the ones you are considering. Also note that with nodes (as opposed to strips), spacing is usually determined by whatever the pixels are mounted to - not by the wire length. Several examples shown below. If the photos don't show for you, there is a link to each one as well. http://www.newburghlights.org/photos/Pixels_on_cable.sm.jpg http://www.newburghlights.org/photos/2014_Bottom_of_strip-mounting_detail_1.jpg The two photos above are the same pixels (spaced 2.5 inches in both cases) - different ye
  23. Hi Everybody, I'm going to order some 50 node SQUARE pixel strings but I wanted to get some feedback on the actual lengths of them. I was looking at ordering from Ali Express. Their descriptions aren't very precise. I'm pretty sure many have ordered these before. Just wondering what length I can expect a 50 node string to be? There's confilicting descriptions that show 100 mm and 120 mm in between pixel nodes. That equals about a 3 foot difference in the overall length of the strings. Perhaps some lots are different lengths than others? Either way, if anyone has ordered latel
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