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  2. Been having issues with my new Pixie16. I do pixie config and change it to 150 nodes in HU. I up HU to 150 nodes on the test screen and turn it on, but nothing past 100 will light in HU test or sequencer. I factory reset the unit. Set it back up. Same thing. When I reboot, the setting in HU is changed back to 100. Setting doesn't seem to stick. Any ideas other than what I already tried. Thanks!
  3. I just tried the same kind of thing and it took forever to paste. In fact I shut down the program after 3 or 4 minutes. I did the same thing with a chase and it was instant. So after experimenting a bit, the paste is a lot faster if you say Paste Special and specify, say 100 times, rather than past to the end. May be a bug in that. Perhaps Matt would take a look. @MattBrown
  4. Enhanced networks are a must for the Pixon16 controller and highly recommended for all the Pixie controllers. If you are going to get into pixels then you should really just bite the bullet and go Pro. It's not that expensive and you would not have to upgrade ever again.
  5. James, I would like a copy sent to sh00ter76@yahoo.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. Thank you very much sir. Dave
  6. That is correct "Advanced" and probably why I can't select the enhanced option. I'll have to look in to the "Pro" benefits, costs and requirements of an enhanced network. Feel free to chime in with opinions on why I should upgrade to Pro.
  7. Thanks and noted. However, I am not sure i am using motion effects. I am still sequencing the traditional way and cutting and pasting sequence from superstar to CCD channels.
  8. 1. Thank you 2. Yes, during sequencing. Example: I made a simple chase on 12 AC channels over 1.2seconds ( 0.1s ON and 0.1s fade down and staggered it 0.1s for each channel) and copy/paste to the end of the sequence and it took several minutes to process that paste. Also, it took around 7 minutes to save the file to a jump drive. 3. What I gain is only having to put the sequence in one line as opposed to 50. And sometimes LR is up to 10 and I only have to do up to the first ten lines. This not only is easy to program and see in sequencer, but I imagine it is less data on
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  10. Only 2 reasons for the Export to LMS function: 1) you are giving up on S5 and going back to S4 (but please don't give up!) 2) you are a seller/sharer of sequences and your sequences don't use motion effects. You can use this function to create sequences that can be read by S3, S4, and S5 users. As @PhilMassey said, don't use it for playback. Contrary to rumor, your show may actually play SLOWER, especially if you are using enhanced networks or DMX. Matt
  11. Hi all. I resent the links to everyone. Please let me know if you do not receive the emails or the link does not work. I hope to be adding more Singing Trees to the Dropbox link after Saturday.
  12. Been using this same speaker for the past 3 yrs and highly recommend it. The first year I used it I just had it sitting on top of some landscaping bricks, then these past 2 yrs I used the included speaker bracket to mount it to the side of our front porch. Definitely worth the $150 price tag IMO. https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/189757-yorkville-c120p-100w-weather-resistant-powered-speaker-with-5-woofer
  13. Very nice, clean and tight display, great for viewing, great job Chance.
  14. Great display, I'm sure your haunt is a popular spot to visit during the Halloween season, awesome job.
  15. Couple of links to this years display. More videos posted on YouTube under Marty's Halloween in Cold Lake 2020", enjoy. https://youtu.be/vgfTq008BTo https://youtu.be/8z53_0qsHoI https://youtu.be/hu6Ny7uAsxs
  16. Because they have an ethernet switch on the board.
  17. The loredit file is the primary file used to create the show in S5. The show player plays the hidden lcs and play.lms files. ALL the playback files are created in the lorinternal folder. However legacy .lms files can be used in the show editor. You should NOT export to lms. Pointless.
  18. Some non-LOR controllers you can daisy chain.
  19. Rs485 is 4000' Host to last controller in the daisy chain (YMMV if not terminated properly) Ethernet is 100M switch to device NOT DAISY CHAINED. WiFi not recommended (to controllers) as delays are unpredictable.
  20. See I thought the same thing, until I read a post somewhere. It said something along the lines of that show player cannot read .loredit files and that all sequences should be exported to LMS. I just looked. I’m not sure where I saw this post. I’ll keep looking.
  21. I am using both , maybe I should put it in my signature. JR
  22. I have asked the power that be if we could see this some place, preferably in parenthesis next to the fold option in S5. No one reads the manuals and I wouldnt have known where to begin to search for this particular trouble shooting steps. But I did search for folds, snakes and zigzags. It will not help me but may save the engineers a few HD tickets and user frustrations. JR
  23. The export to LMS is for folks going back to S4. IT does NOT capture motion effects. Again, the delay is ONLY on the first pass and can be eliminated entirely by either running the show one time before showtime, or as is recommended in the help file, by using the Sequence Compressor.
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