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  2. Your profile states you have a Standard license, is that correct? You can't use a Pixie16 or enhanced network on a standard license.
  3. You think something has changed? It was working a couple of days ago.
  4. HI - I have the singing pumpkins - song is a little shorter than I thought it would be - can anyone send me an mp3 and/or sequence for this song ...was expecting 4min 39seconds and not 4:53...I have the mp3 and video for 4:39 version and lots of other sequences for the 4:53.....so yeah I'm in need of trying to quickly map a 4min 39 second song :)
  5. Would also love a copy if I am not too late to the party - thanks! :) 10ryanlucas@gmail.com
  6. I finally got a bit of time off coming up (stupid covid) and am sitting down to try and finish up my sequencing this week for this years show. I have added a pixel matrix to my show this year and after sequencing all the songs in pixel editor how do i add the files ive made from pixle editor to the sequence editor files that run the rest of my ac lights?
  7. Also the status LED is not lit at all (flashing other otherwise) but there is 12V at the connection leads.
  8. Just noticed this in the drop down and it seems a little weird ... See the Pix Bootloader that was discovered???? This is all very weird and I am hoping someone has run into this before. Unfortunately cannot attach but the pic says along with all the unknown devices one that reads... Bootloader-pix04
  9. Thank you for the information . I have another controller I can go ahead and add that to the system the system is old and was purchased second hand . For now I will just add another box and bypass the bad outlets and look at fixing them in the new year. Hopefully the other box is OK .
  10. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me here. I have a Pixie16D and it shows up on COM4 in device manager (or at least the RS485 connected to it does). Anyways it is of course setup in the network preferences as an enhanced network. When I try to use the hardware utility to connect to it the result is that the HU finds a bunch on unknown devices instead of the Pixie. Has anyone ever run into this issue? Picture attached.
  11. Today
  12. Hi all, Normally I can tell that the controller is working because I can hear the fan going but all of a sudden it is much quieter and the HU can no longer find it. I can see the light on at the bottom of the unit and across the two top power leads I measure 12V so it should be working. What could possibly be wrong? 1 day away from lightshow for a local fundraiser for Halloween ... Help! Please! Does this sound like anything anyone has run into before? Much appreciation.
  13. That solved it!! Thanks. I had tried Custom and Use Preview to no avail. I haven't messed with the others before, and have no idea how they work. Guess I should read up on that... Thanks again!!!
  14. Take a look at my Arch Group. See how they are in order from 1 to 4? Note the message in bottom right of the screen "Checked items should be ordered left to right". Make sure your 8 RGB Floods are ordered correctly in your prop definition.
  15. Individually they work fine. Isn't making any sense...
  16. If you turn them on individually, are they in the correct order? It sounds like one of them may need to be swapped with the last one.
  17. Afternoon all, Doing another Frozen 2 mashup after the very successful one i did for the first movie. Does anyone have singing faces for Some Things never Change?
  18. Thank you Jim, I appreciate it very much!! Gotta get my power supplies ordered!! Chuck
  19. k6ccc

    motion switch

    Yes. A show can be set to start based on a trigger. Look at Options in the Show Editor. That trigger can be anything that will trigger an input - a pushbutton, light sensor, motion detector, IR light beam, water detector, etc. I start my year round landscaping show every night based on a light sensor that detect that it is getting dark.
  20. Check the mode setting of the CCB string. You can set a CCB controller to three modes. I'm doing this by memory, so I could have the exact terminology wrong, but it should be close. In the Normal mode, the CCB operates in the way yo are describing where the second string operates with high channel numbers. Another of those is Dual Normal. In this mode (what I use), the first string is channels 1-150 + macro channels on the Unit ID specified. The second string operates on the next higher Unit ID on channels 1-150 + macro channels. this is the same way that Pixie controllers operate (each
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