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  2. Another method besides having the home automation kill power to the controllers (which gets harder when there are controllers spread all over the place that are fed from multiple sources) is to kill the LOR network or networks with a relay. I do that every morning to kill my overnight landscape lighting when the sun comes up. In my case, I have a light sensor that detects that the sun has come up. That sensor triggers an input on an InputPup which triggers an interactive sequence that turns on one channel of a CTB08 controller. That channel powers a 12 volt wall wart which drives a 12V rel
  3. Thanks for the offer Brian. They don't "fine" folks here, if they give you 3 violations, they go straight to "eviction". even if you own your home, they "evict" and take possession of your home. And being on Disability, I just can't afford to move with what little Social Security pays, which in my case is just slightly equal to a little over $5.00 an hour, if you break it down into a 40 hour work week over a 4 week period. Then folks wonder why Seniors or folks that had worked for years, got disabled on a job or some other means, or they just retired just barely make ends meet. However
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  5. This is definitely an interesting topic and would like to see others' ideas. When you say you turn yours off when raining (locally or via VPN) are you just disabling the show from the LOR icon or by some other means?
  6. Do you have them defined as Dumb RGB in the Prop Definition? If so, then no motion rows should be needed (or created). Just use RGB channels. Matt
  7. bonjour a tous je débute avec visualiseur s4 j'ai déja crée une décoration de ma maison,mais rien ne ce passe quand je clique sur play je ne sais pas comment importer la musique sur un nouveau projet merci pour l'aide que vous m'aporterer Good morning all I'm new to s4 viewer I have already created a decoration for my house, but nothing happens when I click on play I don't know how to import the music to a new project thank you for the help you bring me
  8. I just started with S5. And I found that exact same thing. It was easier for me to start from scratch with building a new preview. That also helped me in the learning phase too.
  9. Right click and enable channel level for rgb props. Right click again and add motion rows, as many as you need.
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  11. Hello Matt, What I don't understand is my singing light bulbs are created with dumb RGBs controlled with 2 x CMB24D cards...why have just the outline of the singers using RGB to change their colours have the XXXX and not the rest...is it because it is assigned 3 channels? Also I thought in prop def or group def I could assign Motion Effect Rows so I would not have to add manually every time a new Sequence was started...but when I click on the prop and expand...there is no Motion Effect Rows?
  12. Orville, run a show. If they "fine" you set up a Go Fund me page and link it here. I'm sure, myself included, we will pay it for you. Just the info I've learned from you and others on this site is worth way more than what than fine will cost. Brian
  13. There is a video tutorial that shows how to draw light strings on a house. You would do the same thing, except each light string is an element of your singing face. Go to the lightorama main website, click on Support, then click on "Tutorials and PDFs." Scroll down to the superstar section. The go about 2/3 the way down in the superstar section and look for: Creating a Visualizer Visualizations for SuperStar At about 1:20 into the tutorial she starts drawing light strings on the house.
  14. The XXXX rows are expected when Condensed View is turned off. See the "Condensed Mode" topic on this page: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/item_list.htm The motion rows defined in Prop and Group Definition are treated as defaults to be used on *new* sequences. If you want to use the defaults in an existing sequence, right click on the prop name in the sequence grid, then select Add/Modify Motion Effect Rows from the menu. In the dialog that opens, there is a "Merge Defaults" button on the toolbar that will bring them in. http://www1.lightorama.com/help/motion_effect_rows_dialog.
  15. Do not know what I did. Just moved into Pro and was playing with pixel programming. I have set up a few simple props just to play around. Today I wanted to play with a song. Noticed on my channels - my arches (traditional mini lights - 5 segments - AC controller) now has the XXXX field but does not have any motion rows attached when expanded. Also my dumb RGBs for the outline of my singing light bulbs have the same thing....if I click on the tree icon beside "Show All" (or other grid formation) and select Condensed View the XXXX is gone....but the other issue I have found is...in Preview Group
  16. I also ordered mine through them back in December 2019. It was the only place I could seem to get it back then, although this is the first year (2020) I actually used it.
  17. I ordered it from Wowlights.com. on the 5th of this month. Just arrived today.
  18. bonjour brian non je n ai jamais utiliser le visualiser,mais en continuant mes rechcherche ,j'ai trouver ton tuto pour le superstar qui explique bien comment faire pour selectionner les leds unique et sa a marcher j ai pus transferer le fichier complet en lms j ai réussi a faire deux chansons il faut que je les travaille un peu pour garder que les voies je n'ai trouver qu'un seul tuto sur le visualiseur mais qui ne montre que comment faire pour tirer des trait droit et en rgb si vous avez une piste a partager pour trouver un tuto visualiseur je suis preneur hello brian no I ha
  19. bonjour james pouney91@hotmail.fr merci hello james pouney91@hotmail.fr thank you
  20. My friend Jim above hit the nail on the head. I started migration in January 2020. My S4 vis has always been clean but I knew I would be removing all non pixel props so I removed most all LED props. Imported the Vis and it was horrible. I then quit S5 for a few weeks and tried again. Same results and same reaction from me. Then some of my friends took me under their wings and helped me build my preview. From that experience I learned a lot about S5 and had a successful Covid show for 5 months. You will learn more doing the new build in S5. Gra
  21. Hopefully permission to do this is given by the sequencer. Just not cool to share paid or even shared work without permission. Just saying JR
  22. What type of prop are we talking? If you purchase a sequence normally those channels are DMX or have a unit ID assigned. Your preview will not recognize them and will archive them. You still have the sequence though. Uou need to build/ download the prop into your preview using the prop def. Then append the prop to your grid view. Add the individual channels. Sort the channels for your purpose Then copy/ paste the doner sequence to your sequence. I do this everyday, I always have my S4 sequence archived, I never save the sequence as an LORedit.
  23. I used the same, just with CAT6 rated RJ45 couplers. Note: I originally bought these for AC, but Vampire plugs are a poor fit
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  25. Anyone, I purchase and download my sequences. I am finding that any of the pixel prop channels do not get recognized when the sequence is opened, so each pixel is archived. I have tried moving the group into preview designed with the Manage Archive Props tool, but it only lets me move each individual pixel to the preview design. What am I doing wrong? Currently, I am creating new props and copy and pasting the sequence into the new channels created, but this does not seem right. Any advice? Thanks!
  26. Here it is closed. Worked really well! 👍 Later, Al
  27. I thought I'd share an idea that worked for me this past season. I have a few of the LOR cat5 waterproof connectors and they work great for cat5 cables. But I also have some cat6 cables that have the large plug ends on them. The one I had that went from my red connector at my laptop in the house was too short to make it to my new CCR tree. I have several of these green extension cord covers that I got from Walmart. I only used the actual female to female connector of the whole LOR setup and put them together as shown in the picture. You will notice a tiny bit of water in it. I checked after se
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