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  2. Thank you everyone. I am checking the sites now :) Sorry for the late reply.
  3. Thx JR. Will check that when I get back home next week. Here are thoughts from the Help desk…, Don Lindgren, A Light-O-Rama help desk staff member has replied to your request, #2065757with the following response: Pixies only support one type of RGB IC at a time. However, it is possible to have different RGB orders on the individual ports. If a pixel string works on one port, it should work on all the others during the test pattern. I would try that test. I'm not sure what's happening to you. It could be that the ports are broken, but you said the behovior is the same on two Pixies, so it seems more likely that the strings have a different RGB IC type. We hope this has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please login to your account at the address below for a complete archive of all your help desk requests and responses. https://helpdesk.lightorama.com/view.php?auth=o1xnmdqaaeocmaqamfLU7PzX4m%2BOPA%3D%3D (Note: The URL should be one line. If your email program splits the URL into two lines, you will need to copy both of them into your browser.) After we reply, we typically set your ticket to a 'closed' status. This ticket is not considered closed but has simply been marked closed to help clear our desk. You can still reply to this ticket at any time. When you do, the ticket will be reopened by the system and brought to our attention. Thank you. Light-O-Rama help desk system
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  5. If you added the group while sequencing the previous song you need to export the gridview with the new group and import it while starting a new sequence. JR
  6. Ensure your green terminal lugs on those pigtails are correct. Mashed in between the metal feet and not underneath the metal foot. It is an easy mistake to make and can cause multiple string issues. If you don’t get it you can send it to me and I can have a look at it and do some tests that I perform on problematic ( there have been very few) pixies. Also , ensure they and it you power supply match IOW- 12v or 5v psu and pixels. I made a video once of a similar situation where a member sent me his pixie16 and pixels (luckily). He said they were all 12v but the psu was 5v. I connected my psu to his pixie16 and all pixels worked. I did. Have to change his comm chip since he connected to computer without adapter, that was his original problem. Then I found the rest of the problems. JR
  7. Last week
  8. I created at ticket with the Help desk and they said "interesting". They suggested a factory reset of the P8 board and then do a simple test once it was done. Did the factory reset and 7 of the 8 ports - as before - were still lit up all pixels pale blue and the one port was not. So I hit the reset to do the simple test and the single port worked perfectly RGB all the way through pixels 1-54. The other 7 ports remained lit pale blue. So then I figured......lets hook up this new P8 board to the original black singing bulb that was working fine with the P16. Sure enough, did that and that bulb operated perfectly all 8 ports. That tells me the P8 board is ok. Checked the direction of all pixels on the new bulb and all 8 ports are built in the proper direction. I am out of ideas.....waiting for the Help desk at this point. Or of course ideas from you guys on the forum. Thanks
  9. I'm having a problem trying to sequence pixels on my house. I created a group that includes my entire house trim including windows and doors. When I add an effect on the line for the entire group, it only adds it to one window and the rest is left blank. I was doing it earlier and it would add it to everything in the group, now it's not. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  10. No issues with removing the jumper! If you watched my video above you seen where I mention not installing the jumper. JR
  11. If you want to run that many pixels I would highly recommend that you start looking at E1.31 controllers. That network is much faster and can handle the higher number of pixels without running so may networks.
  12. If you was going to use 50 pixie16’s you would be well advised to get yourself 8 pixielinks to go along with them and use them as e1.31. Save the networks. At 100 pixels per port you should not daisy chain another pixie16 on a single network. JR
  13. Just be Very Aware of the 12 volt Power Requirements for those Pixels @ that pixel count....
  14. You can run up to 16 LOR Networks in a show.
  15. Here you go. https://www.wiredwatts.com/learn-regulators
  16. Thanks for the reply. Can multiple networks be run in the same show? Also, here is a link to the regulated pixels: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000730626814.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_groupList.8148356.3.27fb31fe77XRj0
  17. Per network (Red adapter), 2400 pretty active nodes is a number tossed about. Less active = more. I'm not sure what 'Regulated' means (could you post a link?). But regulators and light sequences are opposites. (you are dimming and pulsing)
  18. Hey everyone! Just a few RGB related questions here for ya. I’m very familiar with LOR in regards to the AC controllers but this is my first dive into RGB so bear with me. I will say that the search bar in the forum has already been extremely helpful. So say I wanted to build a drive thru archway tunnel prop.. With each arch holding 100 RGB lights as you drive through it. Starting the strand from the ground and over the top to the bottom. Now from my understanding.. I would be able to safely light 16 100ct pixels on a single Pixie 16 controller. One 100ct strand on each of the ports. Now my question is.. How many of these Pixie 16 controllers can I daisy chain together? Is there a limit? Say hypothetically.. I have 50 pixie 16 controllers each responsible for 1600 lights. Would I be able to set up that giant matrix in S5 to be able to design for such a massive thing? I’ve also looked into getting the RGB’s from China and I see some that say “Regulated” and they are usually a few cents more per pixel. Can anyone explain what that means? Apologies if my terminology is incorrect with the questions. I’m still soaking the RGB stuff into my brain. Thanks!
  19. to add some more detail, I'm using 12V bullet pixels from LOR.
  20. it looks like all I had to do was remove this plastic little jumper on the board, after doing all the hardware utility config steps. Do you foresee any issues with that? I can get my 3X50 port to light up all 150 pixels now, even at 80% brightness.
  21. Sent. good luck with switching! You will need advanced or pro license also. It still kicks my butt getting everything to communicate. I’m sure I’m gonna hassle A few on here when the time comes! BUT IM LEARNING. maybe this year I won’t have to bother a few of them! 🤞🏼
  22. The HC ones use the blue to show power applied, but no data control detected. Smart nodes are always powered so the chip is ready to receive data. OTOH Power to a color (really applies return) make them light. 💡 Check the DIRECTION (which end gets power and data). Data can only come from the DI side (the chip on mine is on the DO side). This kind of hookup error is not common on strings SOLD with connectors built in. Power can be on both ends (a common way to power inject 5V strings from the SAME supply)
  23. You can use the Movie motion effect in the S5 Sequencer. Or you can use the Picture motion effect with an animated GIF. As mentioned above, lower resolution source material will look better on real lights. Matt
  24. Ok, first off, this sequence was created in Xlights so their technique might be a bit different. In LOR, if you had a GIF of the dancing elf, Santa, and Gingerbread, you can easily import their animation into your LOR sequence. Any GIF can be added to your sequence but the problem is, most GIF's you see on the web have a much higher resolution that what can be displayed on a matix. Finding one that still looks good once it's on the matrix is the real trick. Look for lower quality GIF's and they will look the closest to what you really see. So, if you find a gif that's 24 x 50 pixels (or whatever your matrix is), then it should look exact. Anything bigger than that, and you'll have to be far away to understand what it looks like.
  25. Hello, need some support... I am wondering if anyone knows what software, programming is needed created the dancing Santa, Elf and Gingerbread as done in the window matric, see link at the 12:40 second mark of Trista Light 2017 show. Thanks, Rousefamily5 Christmas
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