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  1. Think I may have fried my Pixcon 16 board. Had a RJ45 jack housing come off when unplugging cat5 cable. Guess it shorted out. So now my board does not work. Have power to both banks. Checking manual and it says there is a.5a logic fuse. Where is this fuse. I cannot find it. Then next question would be.... Where do I get a new fuse if this is what's wrong. Also new board is out of stock.
  2. I can get all of my sequences to run in the sequence editor fine. Controllers respond fine as does the alphapix 16 for the CCRs. I close the sequence editor and open the control panel, which gives me a red light bulb in the task bar. When I right click on the red light bulb, and attempt to click on enable schedule, I get an error stating: "Show cannot be enabled because the comm port is already open. If the light o rama Hardware utility is running, shut it down and then enable shows." I do not have the hardware utility open nor do I have the sequence editor open. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Rodney
  3. I'm having an issue with some (about 8 out of 14) of my songs not syncing up correctly. The difficulty I'm having is that they appear to be synced up perfectly in LOR Visualizer. The lights seem to be firing off about 1-2 seconds too early compared to the music. I've gone through my mp3 files and verified they are at 128Kpbs and at a constant bit rate. It's confusing because almost 1/2 the songs run perfect, and I can't tell what is different about them compared to the ones that aren't working. Any advice you can give is appreciated! My setup: 1 CTB16PCg3 Controller 4 LOR1602Wg3 Controllers 4 LOR CCR's 1 LOR CCB with controller 8 dumb RBG ribbons with CMB24D controller 1 ShowTime Central with miniDirector & FM Transmitter
  4. This is my first year and maybe it's something silly that I'm missing, but consistently my CCBs are staying on all night and I can't figure out why. The rest of the show shuts down as expected, but for some reason the CCBs always stay on until I unplug the controller to reset it. Here's my setup: G3-MP3 running the show off an SD Card attached to CMB24D then CTBPC16PC. From here I run a 100' Cat6a cable to the other side of my house to a CTBPC16PC then out of that a 50' Cat6 up the roof to my CCB controller. Everything runs as expected - show seems fine and timings seem fine. After my "real" show cuts off at 10:30pm, I have a 2nd show scheduled which is really a 1 minute mostly static display, which loops until Midnight, then turns off. I say mostly static because everything stays on, but the RGB devices on the CMB24D and my CCBs all just cycle through R->G->B->W->R then the sequence loops until midnight. Consistently all the channels are turning off at midnight, with the exception of the CCBs. They are either getting stuck all-on in R or W and I don't know why. The red I can sort of come to terms with - the sequence ends on red - so in my mind the G3 sends the final R, then sends the "all channels off" command and since my CCB controller is 163' away (100+50+10+3 patch cables) maybe it's not hearing the command.... but it hears everything else fine and runs the show fine... but at least the R was the last color. I'm also concerned max length seems to be 4000' and I'm well under that. Then I have issues with why is it stuck on white half the time (and never B or G)? White is the next to last color in the sequence, but then it fades to Red for several centiseconds before ending (so when it re-loops, Red is at the beginning). I'm manually having to either 1) unplug/replug the CCB controller from electricity to reset it or 2) eject/re-insert the SD-card to the G3-MP3 to get the CCBs to turn off and wait for the show to start at dark the next day. If I forget this after midnight each night, then the CCBs stay on all night (and potentially all day depending on how long until I can get there to reset it or if I forget!). Anyone have any ideas why my CCBs are acting weird only at the end of the schedule/show?
  5. Every time I try to show the waveform in sequence editor, it crashes. I have tried with different sequences, tried restarting the computer and running sequence editor with no other programs running, still no luck. It worked fine last year on this PC. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. This happened last year. I thought I would get it posted before everyone starts setting up for this year. Hopefully nobody will make the same mistake I did. Sorry its a little lengthy. I had been using LOR for a couple years and I decided to start playing around with pixels. I bought a DMX controller and a few pixel strips (4 to be exact). I spent hours trying to figure out the setup/configuration and even more time programming. At the time I didn't realize I needed to re-inject power, so all the strips were connected. I knew there was a little voltage drop, but didn't notice it in my setup room. Installation day came and I was excited to get everything up and running. I spent all day getting the lights hung. Everything was perfect. The pixels were on the gutters and looked better that I expect. White tape didn't look too bad on my brown gutters. I wanted to save the Pixels for last, so I pulled the 24V extension cord to the side or so I thought. It was getting late and a little dark, Looking back now I should have stopped, but I wanted to see how everything looked. I work for MONTHS on this, I WANT IT NOW. I started plugging in the standard incandescent and LED string into a live extension cords just to confirm I had everything set to the correct channel. I had 2 cords left, I thought they were the bushes I had on the front of the house. Wow was I wrong. I plugged in the next cord and there was a sounds, something I won't forget. it sounded like frying bacon. For the vegetarians out there, if you have ever been around HIGH voltage lines when it is misting or sleeting..... it sounds a lot like that, only worse. At that exact same moment, I noticed a BRINGHT RED GLOW filling the whole yard. I looked up and noticed the Pixels were on. I said a few choice words and unplugged as quickly as I could. This all happened in about 2 seconds. Unable to get the lights working correctly on the 24V power supple (only a few red LEDs would work), I pulled down the Pixels and I almost cried. Most all the LEDs were burnt and in several places the LEDs and chips burned through the rubber jacket. I am very lucky I didn't start a fire. A couple hundred dollars wasted and a HUGE lesson learned. Don't be a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggings! LABLE YOUR ELEMENTS AND EXSTENSION CORDS. After this incident I spray painted my Low Voltage extension cord ends a different color and I now use wire labels and label everything.
  7. Hi Guys, So I have an Australian 16 Channel 32W controller. I appear to have power leaking from the controller on two channels, channels 10 and 12, the channels aren't completely on but are receiving enough power to illuminate the lights connected ever so slightly, enough to annoy me! Has anybody had this issue? If so what did you do to fix this? I've completely reset both the unit and the computer with no luck!
  8. Anybody know how to prevent this from appearing? Two things, I am on Windows 10 and created a virtual desktop. I found out the hard way that making changes to your virtual desktop mirrors on your main desktop. So, I screwed up my arrangement of icons. Anyway............. More importantly, I now have sequences with video. After creating the virtual desktop with a black background I thought I was good. That is, until the LOR Video Window briefly appeared between each sequence if there is video in it. It's a minimized box in the upper left corner. I have tried everything to hide this but each time a video sequence starts up it flashes open. It does eventually close but it's distracting and kills the illusion. Any ideas?
  9. Ok. to begin with I am on 3.11.2. Have been for quite some time. Have several RGBs and 64 Ch of regular lights, and I have ran flawless until now. I have a new Desktop running the show. with I7 processor and 4G memory, and there is nothing else installed on this computer.. Also.. it is NOT connected to the internet in any way. The issue usually shows up in the first couple of songs on a 8-10 song loop. But never at the same song. I cant tell exactly what's happening, but my control panel says "not responding" and the comm listener has closed the window. It may come out of it in 45 seconds to 2 min and then it may not. I can close control panel and start it back and the show carries on. I have rebooted the computer and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Ive been running the show since the day after Thanksgiving and had no issues until a night or so ago when this started. Any Ideas?
  10. Hi guys ... 73 year-old "newbie" here ... first season ... mostly having fun, but with one issue that is "testing my sanity". These forums have been invaluable to me in setting up my display. Thanks for all the great advice you've provided. I hope you can provide some useful tips on my issue. I've reviewed other topics on GFCI issues, but none seem to cover my issue. I have a Christmas "show" with 6 songs that lasts about 22 minutes followed by an 8-minute "intermission" ... so the show repeats in 30 minute cycles. The show runs PERFECTLY for the first couple of cycles, then the GFCI circuit breaker begins tripping on the circuit running my LOR Controller. Sometimes this happens on the third cycle, but usually always by the 4th cycle, and later. I'm running a "megatree" with 12 "rays" of 50 LED Pixels each (using a non-LOR 12-volt controller) and one LOR controller running channels 1-6 for a SuperStar and channels 9-14 for 3 Incandescent strings and 3 LED strings on features in the front yard. These 6 features are sync'ed with the music ... so they ramp up and down, frequently. Every outdoor extension cord (16 gauge - 13 amp rated, or better) out of the LOR controller is protected by a "Twist and Seal" "torpedo", and are staying very dry. On one "excessive tripping" occasion, I removed the 6 feature connections from the LOR controller, and plugged them into a 6 outlet timer I have, and ran the show successfully through all half hour cycles, but obviously without them being sync'ed with the music (very boring). So the load on the circuit was about the same, although constant, and not ramping up and down. My house is only 5 years old, and the two GFCI circuits I'm using are both listed as 15 amp. I've used a "Kill-A-Watt" meter to check each circuit to see if I'm overstressing them, but the amperage doesn't appear to exceed 5-6 amps on either circuit ... less than half their rated capacity. I don't even know where to begin troubleshooting this issue ... since everything works fine for the first few cycles, then falls apart. What could be happening? Where do I begin troubleshooting?
  11. Hi all, This year I am using 2 out of my 4 controllers (because of power concerns) and that's fine with me as I was able to squeeze everything in to 32 channels. My controllers are connected using plain old cat 5 using standard LOR protocol with unit id's 1 and 2. The problem lies when running a standby sequence that just has the lights on steady at 80%. Periodically (I'd say every 30-45 minutes) controller 1 just shuts off. The only way I can fix it is by unplugging the LOR to usb adaptor from my PC and plugging it back in as well as completely relaunching the sequence editor. Mind you, I am not using the scheduler at the moment because when it tries to activate, the console keeps repeatedly throwing HandleEvent Error: Subscript out of range. In case anyone is curious, the console logs are in the attachments. Then again, this is a problem for a different post in a different section. I just need to try and figure out why controller 1 keeps turning off. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas! Emanuel lor.txt
  12. Hello Everyone - total Newbie here! Planning to outline my home with RGB lights this upcoming holiday season and recently bought a set of Cosmic Color Pixel lights to play around with and test the functionality of the hardware and software. I was able to begin the configuration using the Hardware Utility tool, however, some of the lights in the string (about 10) would not light up. I also noticed only one of the strings that were plugged into the controller was lit up. Could someone help me here? Are the lights defective? I spent several hours last night trying to figure this out with no luck? If someone could post step-by-step instructions on how to configure the new string of lights, that would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for all of your help!
  13. How do we add our signature back with our channel count, light count etc? I did see that no ones is showing up in the forums like they were in before the upgrade or is that something that was CUT OUT by the new upgrade in the forums format? Also WHY IT TAGS NOW A REQUIREMENT to Post in the forums when it has limited choices
  14. I purchased the "you can modify" sequence of Firework by Katy Perry. The sequence has gaps were no lights are on. I realize I only have one 16 channel controller but all the other sequences I have purchased from LOR have worked. Can anyone give me some guidance as to what modifications I need to make to have the sequence work?
  15. I've been really happy with cutting up my CCRs in to little pixel segments and doing crafty things around the display. BUT~~~~ Although I don't see any water inside the tubes I silicone glued shut, the rain came and with each cloud passing, I lost yet another pixel. Micro-Water damage I am assuming. I'll work on better waterproofing for next year's display. QUESTIONS: 1. Can I purchase just CCR strips/segments from LOR or other? My controllers are just fine. 2. Does the "white light of death" I see in these things indicate I should give up on the pixels, or can they be saved? Thanks for your thoughts and sharing experiences. Jay
  16. I have saved an intensity file and see it in my Sequence Editor. I configured my layout in Pixel Editor with 4 arches and some simple effects. They play back great in Pixel Editor but no way to see them once in SE. Should I be using Visualizer, import that into Pixel Editor and then save Intensity File. I tried this when experimenting but everything went haywire after changing the props in PE. ie I selected arches and changed their attributes. After an hour of troubleshooting I decided to draw the layout in PE. I appreciate any help. Ron
  17. I have been working with LOR Support for a few days on this and feel I am spinning in my wheels. Perhaps you folks can help. I am planning next year's show and am trying to lay out the lighting I want in Visualizer. I want to use CCBs and CCRs. I am using the CCR Draw Wizard for my eaves. There are two strings (50 bulbs each) for each controller. Support says to add +1 or (PLUS ONE) to the second strand and keep the same Unit ID. Visualizer will not let me do this. I get errors about pixels. Support told me to go to the Hardware Utility and choose Dual Mode. I can't do that because I don't have the controllers. I want to lay this out to help me decide how many and which controllers to get. The only way I have this working with Super Star is by giving each 50 bulb string its own Unit ID. I have rad the manuals about CCBs and Pixel Addressing options. ie Mast/Slave but I find nowhere in Visualizer to set this up, nor can I add +1 to a string of CCBs. I am pulling my hair out at this point just to stay in the LOR world. Is this one of the reasons so many jump into the DMX world? I appreciate any advice. I am including my Visualizer file if that help. I quickly added more Mini Trees, a Mega Tree and a Star. I attempted to put the Mega Tree and Star on another Network (Aux A) but Super Star did not like that. I though I could start over with Unit ID 1 on Aux A network. So I put everything back on Regular Network with last Unit Id being 44. It all shows up in Super Star but when I test with Instant Sequence none of my Snowflakes turn on. I can manually sequence these to turn on. This leads me to think too much is on one network? Eaves are CCBs, Mini Trees are CCPs, Arches and Mega Tree are CCRs. Not sure what to use for the Mega Tree Star. It has 5 layers. Ron 408 Edgewood for 2016_V2.lee
  18. Since one gateway or controller manages power and controls two 50 light sets I figured the box would use one ID. However, when configuring Visualizer it assigns each set with its own Unit ID. My question is does the gateway/controller support two IDs or am I supposed to manually configure the 100 lights to work from one ID on the gateway/controller? At least my configuration is working in SuperStar. I used CCR Wizard to create rooflines and windows. Thanks for any help offered.
  19. I have the (CF50D) 50 Watt Cosmic Color Flood successfully configured in the Sequence Editor but I need to move it to the PE as a prop (all but two of my props are sequenced in the PE)) but I can't seem to get it to work. It is manually set (DIP Switch) to LOR ID13 (DMX Start 19) and so far all the combinations have not worked, I tried LOR with one bulb and a channel for each color as in the SE. Can someone point me in the right direction please.
  20. I've been running a mostly static show this year. I am using just one LOR controller connected to an ELL. My computer is connected to an ELL. Very simple. Everything was working pretty well since mid-December except I noticed occasional dropped commands. Over the summer I had upgraded all of my ELL's and set their speed to 115. I remembered reading that 115 might not be as reliable as 57. Today, I updated the ELL in the house to 57 and brought the ELL that was outside in to the house and dropped its speed to 57. After putting the ELL back outside and connecting it to the controller, I used the Hardware Utility to test that everything was working. Everything responded to the Hardware Utility fine. I started up the Sequence Editor and played a sequence from it. Nothing. No lights came on. I modified my schedule to have the show run while I was at my PC. Same thing...no lights came on. I created a small new sequence and tried running it...same thing...no lights. I ran the Hardware Utility again, and everything worked fine. It is now dark, but tomorrow I guess I will try setting both ELL's back to 115. But, whether that works or not, I am still baffled why everything works with the Hardware utility, but not with the Sequence Editor or Scheduler. Any suggestions?
  21. I have just replaced twice my led in my rgb floods. I don't understand why only the reds keep burning out but the green and the blue works just fine. voltage on my power supply is only 12.2 and 11.9 with other on at same time this keeps happening on both my floods. ??????????????????
  22. So this is my first time putting my own CTB16Kpc together and I've run into a problem. My LED doesn't light up. It did when I first finished putting everything together but I only had control over 3 channels (13, 15, and 16). I unplugged everything and re soldered a lot of the connections hoping that would fix the problem. I was also checking around with a multimeter and the board tipped over and came in contact with the support strip in my box and there were sparks. There is a tiny bit of blackening/damage on the outer connection of the resistor at station 12 but that's all I can find. So between that and the resoldering I lost my LED. I've followed these instructions http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/Kit_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf and have gotten to the step which reads: Check for 25 VAC by touching probes to the left side of D1 & D2, if not present or low, check voltage jumpers next to transformer, check all solder connections for transformer, fuse holders and voltage jumpers. Check that both C2 [& C3 for CTB16KV6] (big electrolytic capacitors) are properly oriented. I am getting 15.7 VAC across D1 and D2 so I am assuming that is my problem. I have checked the solder connections it says too several times and C2 & C3 are properly aligned. I'm not 100% sure what it means by voltage jumpers, I've got my voltage selection set correctly and I have checked the solder to that piece a couple times. So I don't know where to go from here. I am afraid I damaged something when it tipped over but I don't know where to start checking for that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  23. jonnyci

    PixLite in LOR

    Hello I am having a heck of time trying to get my Pixlite 16 to play anything in LOR. I have no issues with Xlights. Everything plays just fine. In LOR I can get all of my LOR controllers to play just fine as well, I just cant get my 16 strip pixel tree to work. I have a separate universe set up for each strip of 50 pixels. I have LOR Channel Config setup the same way I do in Xlights. Even if I take the fseq file that is working in Xlights and convert it to .lms and try to play it in LOR, I get nothing. Any thoughts? Suggestions? HELP!! Thanks Jon
  24. I am having problems with my video player. I've created videos using Window Movie Maker. The videos play with no problem on Window Media Player. I am using Windows 7. When the show starts, it plays the first song with video. The rest of the show fails after the first song. I've changed the order of the sequences in the show and it's the same problem with any sequence. It always fails on the second sequence. It doesn't matter which sequence is in the second slot. I've put a non-video sequence in the second slot as well. It plays through that with no problem. However, it stops on the second video sequence (3rd slot). With a non-video sequence in the mix, it replays the non-video sequences while skipping all video sequences. Support has suggested that I re-encode my videos. I have done so with no luck. Any suggestions.
  25. I've got something weird going on with one of my controllers. It just started today. I have a sequence loop where all the lights are on. The loop is 1 minute and repeats. I use one loop in the evening before my show starts, so that my lights are just static on. I have another loop after the show shuts down in the evening to leave some of my lights on at 50%. Well, it just started where at the beginning of the loop the lights are on, and then they all shut completely off for the remainder of the loop. The lights are on for about 5 seconds, and then off for the remainder of the 55 seconds of the loop. Then they come back on for 5 seconds again, then off. I unplugged all of my lights and brought the box inside for testing. All channels seemed to run normally in the hardware config mode. So I put the box back outside and reconnected my lights. In the hardware config mode I had all of the lights on and everything worked properly. They stayed on for a good 5--7 minutes without any issue. So I started my schedule and when the pre-show "lights on" show ran, the same thing happened. I have 2 other controllers that are part of the "lights on" pre and post show and they are not doing this. The lights stay on for the duration of the loop as expected in these 2 controllers. And my regular show works perfectly as well with no obvious untoward effects of any kind that I can see. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
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