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G3-MP3 Standalone SD Card


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I searched through the forums for a similar question and did not find one.


I'm using v3.11.2 of the sequence editor and hardware utility on a PC running Win7 64bit. I created a couple of musical sequences and tried using the hardware utility to write them as a show to an SD card. I followed the G3-MP3 user guide to create a "plays anytime powered"  show with two sequences in it. I can open the SD card on my PC with explorer and see the following files on the card:








However, when I plug the card into the G3-MP3 and power it on, it displays the message (after initializing)  "No Show on SD Card".


Is there a limitation on the size of SD card the directory will read? We have a 512MB card with one of the LOR purchased sequences that plays fine. The SD card I'm trying to use is a 32GB Class 10 SanDisk card.


Also, does anyone know (did not find it in the docuemntation) if there is a standard connector that will plug into the trigger receptacle?

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The director really doesn't like SanDisk cards. At least the newer ones. I have some older ones that work fine, but the newer ones seem to cause problems.


Look here or here for the connector for the triggers.

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