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Tennessee ++ Fall Mini

Ron Boyd

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Tennessee ++ Fall Mini 


All are invited, not just the folks from TN. In March, we had folks from TN, GA, NC, AL, FL and we also had someone join us from New Zealand, by far winning the most distance traveled. 


WHEN: Saturday, September 20, 2014 


WHERE: Doug Delongs house 3787 Blue Springs Road in Cleveland, TN 


TIME: TBD (usually 9 am – 4 pm) 


We’ll take up $$$ for lunch, usually pizza or Subway.


We will discuss all aspects of putting together a great display from nuts and bolts to finished display. This is a great time for newcomers to ask questions.  


Topics will/can range from: 


Lights to use: Incandescent, LED’s, RGB dumb and smart strings, Matrices, mega trees, and Coro elements. 


Hardware: basic controllers, miniature pixel controllers, E1.31, Sandevices, J1SYS, dumb and smart controllers, etc.


Software: LOR, Vixen, Hls, Superstar, Xlights/Nutcracker and if needed, how to use Vegomatic to easily add RGB channels to LOR S3.


Power Injection: This is something that all can learn when using the low voltage, DC items such as pixels and basic RGB


If the interest is there, several of us can demonstrate good and most likely, different techniques for soldering, ie. connecting pixel strips or strings, adding pigtails, soldering together controller boards and such. 


Been there, done that. We can have one on one instruction if the need arises. Lots of us have been doing this for several years and have the "Been there, done that and I got the t-shirt" mentality. We're all willing to share our experiences, good and bad.


Construction of elements: Need ideas how to construct leaping arches, mega trees, spiral trees, Marty fan, etc. Bring your new, cool element, to show off. It gives others ideas for creating new exciting elements for their display as well as how to build them. 


What’s new: Let’s talk about the new stuff which will hopefully include an update on LOR S3. 


Buy and Sell: There are almost always items for sale.


Mark your calendar for the 20th.


More info to come.

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First, looking forward to seeing everyone.



Planning on being there. Would love to see an example of someone's RGB window frames. Also, anyone with falcon product knowledge.  Looking forward to it. 


Several of us have window frames with RGB. If I don't forget, I'll bring 1 of 4 of mine.



Might need to make the trip from Dallas, GA. Do we need to RSVP or just show up?


Either. Most folks just show up. It's always good to have someone new come to the mini. Fresh ideas for you and us. Come on up. it's always a good time and I promise, everybody will learn something new.

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I don't know if I can attend this all day.

I may run over in the morning and say "hi" to everyone. (steal some doughnuts!)

My work load has been extremely heavy lately. Half of my team was laid off because of negative attitudes.

So let this be a warning, if you have a good job with decent pay and they want you to do the work, just do it with a smile.

We had some team members who complained about everything... Well the company let them go.

Now there are three of us covering the US. I am killing the Skymiles account, but free time has disappeared for now.

Weekends are the only time I can get stuff done around the house... My light show may suffer.

I need to spend more of my time on the plane sequencing.

I have already decided to cut my hour program down to 25 minutes with a five minute interlude to allow people leave before the next show.

That should get me down to seven songs... Which I haven't even started yet.

I haven't even started building my visualizer.

Not to mention the static displays which I have planned. I want to build Snoopy's dog house to put some LOR controllers in and Snoopy lit up on the top.

And these chasing / leaping arches take forever.

So much stress before Christmas...


Jennifer won Teacher of the Year for Cherokee County tonight.

Because we were there, they announced that my show would be bigger and better than last year and every one should show up and make a donation to the playground fund.

So now I have to make the show exciting. (Maybe it would have been easier to donate the 8K which I invested in the show.)

I am looking forward to giving out the 5000 candycanes which I have stored so I get some closet space back. :)


What a hard life we live with this hobby.


Yea, I may stop by before the schooling starts and mingle then head back to the mountains.


If you guys need me to bring anything, just ask. I am here for you.

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OK... I am now officially out! Ugh!

My wife crashed her Camaro last month. She was T-boned at low speed,

9K damage to her car and totaled the woman's (POS) who hit her and no one was hurt.

They said it would be ready on Friday.

So I get to go pick it up in Buford, GA on Saturday.

Time wise, I can't catch a break.

I hope you all have a great time at Doug's.

There is always plenty of good info shared.

I will miss all of you.

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Count me in.  Can't wait to see everyone again.  Does anyone know how to import LOR .lms files into Xlights/Nutcracker?  I haven't had much success trying to do that.  I was thinking of having Xlights/Nutcracker run the show this year.  I hope some of you experts can help me out at the MINI.

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I'm pretty sure Andy can do that and probably several others.




Time for the Mini is 9 am until ?? Usually ends up being around 4 pm or so. 


Looking forward to another day of talking Blinky Flashy with more lighting nuts. See you all on Saturday

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Any chance whoever has the matrix that Doug built might bring it by?  I am hoping to get a small matrix up this season.  I have the lights (1809 flex strips), but have not settled on the mounting yet.  I know that Doug sold it to someone up there, maybe Andy?

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I hope you guys have a good time this weekend. My name is William and I had planned on going to the Mini. I do not know any of you guys but I was just going to take a chance and show up (that's how bad I got it, drive 6 hours round trip to meet strangers just for a chance to talk about Christmas lights). I live in Springfield, TN about 3 hours away. I have been in this hobby 3 years (first year I used Aurora), but no one around here is in the hobby besides me. It was gonna be exciting to be around people excited about lights and them blinking and talking about them. Other than the forums (I rarely post tho) and an occasional conversation with my brother and wife, no one else to have a conversation with or bounce ideas on. Unfortunately, due to sudden death in family, I am not going to be able to make the trip (I tried to skip the funeral, distant in-law). Anything you guys can share about the gathering I would greatly appreciate. ibewill at comcast dot net


Oh, I was also hoping someone could help me with programming my matrix with Xlights/Nutcracker. I assume somebody could help me, Or I will have to struggle thru by myself like normal. Thanks!

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