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  1. James, Please send me a copy sir. Big.trafficman@gmail.com Thanks, Jeff
  2. Brian, The extender has worked perfect and thanks for having it in SuperStar. Will you get to the point that it can stretch such as a 12 to a 16 string pixel tree? Jeff
  3. GREAT Job Jerry... As you know I did this last year and it was one of the biggest hits. The matrix was the biggest hit last year and the video's on it turned out ok.. Just a little to bright if you are within 150 feet of it. LOL Jeff
  4. Think this is the one I was looking for and its gone...
  5. Ok Got it in the email Today so thanks for sending it...
  6. Does anyone have this sequence that they are willing to share? I need a mega tree and yard lights to this song. God Bless The USA at the top of this chat section. Not sure of the name of the group but if you have it please email me at big.trafficman@gmail.com Here is the link to the music and Matrix. https://holidaysequences.wistia.com/medias/lgknmzuqba
  7. Haha .. Then quit work.... Wrong time of the year to let work get in the way....
  8. Does that mean you are tapping out? Haha
  9. OMG Dave.... The pixel tree sequence made my show complete with SandStorm... How in the heck do you and Team Holiday do them so fast. WOW.. Great Job Buddy. Jeff
  10. Sure hope I get a little time to play this weekend and sequence SandStorm. That is a must have for me adding the pixel tree sequence will be perfect.
  11. WOW.. I have seen the pixel tree sequence to this already. Team Holiday will have a big hit with this in my yard with the star. OMG.... Jeff
  12. Star Video is located on youtube.
  13. Knock Knock Dave... Hope its still in the works if not I will put in the lights... Haha
  14. Pull that Rabbit out the Hat Dave... This one will make 1000's scream at the show this year. I may have to play it a couple times in each rotation just for me. LOL
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