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  1. I saw a few longer delays at first but settled in at 1 to 2 seconds. Most within the same second.
  2. Checking sequence down to a second or 2. I can live with that. Thanks Matt!
  3. For the record, Onedrive is setup to leave physical files on each computer, it does not pull from the cloud. That is why I like Onedrive you can use different options for each folder that syncs.
  4. Onedrive is between my work computer and my home computer. I just duplicate those path on the show machine. It is not syncing with Onedrive. I copy the sequences to that machine.
  5. Yeah, on my largest ones, the delay was 22 seconds on the first pass. No delay at all when the sequence played the second time.
  6. This is exactly what I did yesterday. The problem is as soon as the show stops and then starts again it checks each sequence again.
  7. It did work as you observed. I ran the show all night long. It ran through once and checked each sequence, after that it stopped checking the sequence. I shut down the show and immediately started it back up again and it started checking each sequence again. Problem with that for me is I have 85 sequences. The show never finishes each night so it will be continually checking the sequences. Hopefully Matt will come up with something.
  8. I have ran the show several times. Not sure why mine was doing the checking sequence thing. Goint to run the show right now and see what happens.
  9. So I am speculating that the THX sequence is the largest of those sequences.
  10. Mine is the same, have the small file and the larger file. I am running 5.5.14, havent updated my profile.
  11. Some additional information. This show has already been compressed. If a sequence is not compressed the delay is several minutes to make the compressed file. The compressed sequences are between 200 meg and 700 meg.
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