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  1. Okay folks we are getting close to the Mini as the excitement is starting to build also is the list of door prizes. If you are interested in attending we hope that you can make it for a fun day of talking Christmas Lights.
  2. I'm Excited to announce a Alabama mini (get-together) will be held on April 21,2018. It will be held at The Connection Church in Pelham, its right beside the Oak Mountain State park. The address is 3135 Oak Mountain State Park Road, Pelham AL, 35124 It will be from 9am to 4pm. We will have lunch provided by an Outstanding Christmas Light vendor. There will be lots of ideas and things to talk about (Christmas Lights). If your interested let us know or Join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlabamaChristmasLightEnthusiasts/
  3. Its getting close I will see everyone that is coming tomorrow.
  4. I have the kit on order also, But sure it won't make it on time. but hey at least we will have it ready by the fall. I will see y'all in a few weeks.
  5. I agree it was a very good day. Lots of information floating around the room. Now to get the gears moving and the display ready. Thanks everyone that attended.
  6. Well I'm ready for tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone. Hope everyone has a safe trip. See you Soon.
  7. You know if this keeps growing Doug is going to have to add on to his house to hold us all. Thanks Doug for hosting this.
  8. I thought that you were supposed to hang the balls on the trees!
  9. Thanks Again for all the work the team is doing to help make our life easier when programming.
  10. One more day. Ready to see everyone and pick some brains again.
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