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  1. Thanks Phil. Probably while you were typing your reply, I found that. I'm installing S5 now.
  2. I need to import a lorprev file into S4 pixel editor. This is someone else file. I can't see it even if I open the file with the PE. Any help?
  3. We need a nested stars option.
  4. This is for Brian, When double click on an older .sup file to open, when Superstar is not open, it kills the program. (Screen Snip is attached. These are last year's files. It may be that I'm trying to open from Dropbox. However, when I open these from within the LOR folder, they open fine. It may just be that the software is looking for the LOR folder. It did not do this last year when the same procedure was used. It's not a problem, I can open it fine from the SS menu, it's just annoying. Just something to look at for next year. Yes, I'm still using 4.4. I might transfer over to S5 if time allows this year.
  5. Question, S5 related. I will have a minimum of 3 sup files to get into the S5 Sequencer for each 2018 sequence. Copy and paste did not work as expected. Have I missed something? When I create a blank sequence, I import the lms file from the SS export. How do I get the other data in the blank sequence?
  6. Thanks. My P10 Panels are complete except for the enclosure. I used Darrell Pelligrin's, CFOL P10 PiHat. I have one of Ron's for a backup.
  7. My SS is at 160 License. I can actually use SS, but mostly for Tune To info. I was thinking of doing a 2 panel x 2 sides using P5 panels for Tune To info and using the P10 for effects and maybe Video. All but the Tune To info will need to be done in the S5 sequencer though
  8. Will this work? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cduiclqsk4kbvm1/AACZG9mGHkKCsZo1HJe5cW2Wa?dl=0
  9. That's how I was planning on doing it Doug. Sequence in Superstar, Export to SE, then import to S5 Sequencer. Tweak, Save and Run. The P10 panels are going to be where I need either S5 or xLights. You know me though, LOR through and through. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  10. Yeah, that seems to be where I'm going to be stuck. Since my display will change for 2018, either I can't figure out how to convert multiple files in one sequence, or the program just won't do it. Plus, I can't seem to get the effect I want on the ChromaFlake Tree/Pyramid. I will probably stay with S4 and go to the PE to do a few things that I, either can't accomplish in SS or want an element level effect. Jim, when I opened my ChromaFlake Tree/Pyramid in S5 and SS, it didn't look right. Maybe I was doing something wrong, I don't know.
  11. OK Doug, I'm installing S5 on the PCs. I may be giving you a call when we get our displays down. I might even make a road trip down on a Saturday to get some one on one help. We'll need to set something up. I'll have a few questions to start, then try to dig into it.
  12. When I installed 4.3.26, I cannot get the pixel editor to open. Is it still included with 4.3.26? My 2 other machines have 4.3.24 on them and the pixel editor opens just fine. Going to drop back down to .24 on this machine and see if I can open it then. I will report back here either way. Un-installed 4.3.26 and installed 4.3.24. PE will still not open on this machine. Everything else starts opens up fine. Any Ideas?
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