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CTB16PCg3 One Channel Out


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During the middle of my show tonight my "Tune To" radio sign went out.  We had a big storm come through earlier in the week and I had to fix the sign then due to some damage.  I assumed that tonight's issue was a secondary issue relating from that storm damage.  I brought the sign inside and connected it to an always on outlet and it worked just fine.  Connected some spare test lights to the controller and sure enough they were not working.  I noticed that the status LED on the board was flashing indicating that the controller was not receiving commands.  However, every other channel was working properly at the time!  I took the show offline and pulled up the hardware utility.  The computer found all of the controllers on my network.  The status LED on the controller in question was now solid green.  Plugged my "Tune To" sign back in and the hardware utility test screen was able to control the lights.  Started the show back up and everything seems to be working again.  


I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what could have caused this.  Why would one channel not work while all others were working?  Why would status LED indicate no network connection while all channels but one seemed to be working?

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The one channel being out could be a traic. (In a majority of cases that is the problem.)


No idea about the status light blinking, but the controller seemingly to work properly. Off the top of my head, I don't recall seeing/hearing about that before. 

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i have to agree with don 

my friends  were kidding around about them  when they blew 1

i can't say to how hard it would be to change 1 out or the way to do it 

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on the  status light blinking ;

check in the 

hardware utility to double check the  setting of the controller

and set it to the unit number you need it at in your display 


01 , 02 , 03 and so on

be sure to mark it with a sticker so you'll know which unit it is


mine is blinking cause i hadn't set it (yet ) .... my bad ... lol

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