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Changed Ports for 3 CCRs and Sequence won't play on them


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I moved 3 CCRs to the front of my building and took them from a chain with six others to be on their own port. The Hardware Utility recognizes them and the port but they don't play in the sequence. I haven't changed the IDs of the CCRs and the console function in the HU works them just fine. They just won't play nice with the others.


I suppose I can run a 100 foot Cat 5 to link up with the other six in the back but there has to be an easier way.  Help

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If you moved the Controllers from one network to another, you need to modify the sequences to let them know where they are.


(Assuming when you say Port = LorNetwork)


Hope that helps.


PS All you have to do is open the sequence and re-assign the controller network.

Tools-> Channel Configuration

Button at the bottom Change Controller. (it allows you to move a controller from one network to another)

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