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  1. In the S5 Beta released June 29, 2019 there is a new "Auto Sequence Singing Faces" feature in SuperStar. To access the feature bring up the "Image" dialog box and click on the "Auto Sequence Singing Faces" button in the lower right of the Image dialog box. Here is a video tutorial on the "Auto Sequence Singing Faces" feature: Here also is some documentation: Auto Sequence Singing Faces This feature can automatically move the mouth of a singing face to match the singing in a song! To access this feature: Click on the “Tools”
  2. How to fix Visualizer files imported into an S5 preview Hosted by Matt Brown S5 Preview provided by William Harrison - thank you William! Fri, Aug 14, 2020 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT) Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://www.gotomeet.me/lightorama/how-to-fix-visualizer-files-imported-into-s5 You can also dial in using your phone. United States: +1 (571) 317-3112 Access Code: 261-393-285 New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts: https://global.gotomeeting.com/install/261393285
  3. Thought I would throw this out there in case someone else ran into the same issue.... I upgraded to 5.3.12 last night and today all of my controllers that are CTB32LDg3 boards and were running firmware version 1.12 stopped working in sequencer and show mode. They worked fine in the hardware utility. I flashed the latest firmware (V1.15) on them and they all work fine now.
  4. In version 4.3.32 released June 29, 2018 SuperStar now has a new "Auto Sequence" Feature. Auto Sequence is a mixture of standard sequencing and "instant sequence." It allows you to create impressive sequences quickly while still allowing a lot of control and creativity in the creation of your sequence. Here is an "Introduction and Preview" video:
  5. 16 CCR, 160 CCR, and 320 CCR licenses have been added to the online store! The 16 CCR license makes it so you don't have to get the 24 CCR license to do sequencing for 12 and 16 CCRs The 160 CCR license allows for exporting sequences of up to 8,000 pixels or 24,000 channels The 320 CCR license allows for exporting sequences of up to 16,000 pixels or 48,000 channels Note that to be able you use the new licenses you will need to download the latest version of SuperStar which is version 4.3.24 If you are using an older version of SuperStar and you purchase the 16 C
  6. There is now a "Pixel Extender" feature in SuperStar. It is designed to convert sequences made for 50 pixel strings to any number of pixels from 50-170. Many people have DMX ribbons that are the same length as CCRs, but they have more than 50 pixels, typically 100 pixels or 150 pixels. So now they can use sequences that were written for 50 pixels. The feature is in the latest beta release: Released announcement here. To use the feature: 1) launch superstar 2) open a 50 pixel "CCR mode" sequence 3) click on the Tools menu and select "Configuration" 4) In the Configuration dialog box set "D
  7. Maybe I'm searching for the topic incorrectly but I can find anything about this. For the life of me I can't figure out how to just turn on the LED's using a 27 Channel DMX dumb controller. Is it possible to just turn them on and leave them on without having to run a show? I'm running the latest version of LOR advanced version and this year all I want to do is just leave on the lights that outline my house. Do I have to power the LED's directly from the power source or can I turn them on via the software without having to run a sequence?
  8. I can get all of my sequences to run in the sequence editor fine. Controllers respond fine as does the alphapix 16 for the CCRs. I close the sequence editor and open the control panel, which gives me a red light bulb in the task bar. When I right click on the red light bulb, and attempt to click on enable schedule, I get an error stating: "Show cannot be enabled because the comm port is already open. If the light o rama Hardware utility is running, shut it down and then enable shows." I do not have the hardware utility open nor do I have the sequence editor open. Any help would be
  9. Version 4.3.22 has the most recent SuperStar code and includes the features and bug fixes mentioned below. Please download and give it a try! New Features: Added Preferences dialog box, Added Layer Priority Feature to the Preferences dialog box Added Transparent, Semi-Transparent, and Solid in the Effect dialog boxes Added "Move or Scale Selected Effects..." dialog box (accessed through the Tools menu) Improved Image Group Modify dialog box so that moving text actions has the same interface as the other Group dialog boxes Added speed control for twinkle and
  10. This is my first year and maybe it's something silly that I'm missing, but consistently my CCBs are staying on all night and I can't figure out why. The rest of the show shuts down as expected, but for some reason the CCBs always stay on until I unplug the controller to reset it. Here's my setup: G3-MP3 running the show off an SD Card attached to CMB24D then CTBPC16PC. From here I run a 100' Cat6a cable to the other side of my house to a CTBPC16PC then out of that a 50' Cat6 up the roof to my CCB controller. Everything runs as expected - show seems fine and timings seem fine. After my "
  11. LOR S4 4.3.18 has been released. It fixes the adding Pixie 2/4/8/16 to Sequence Editor. As of now the update is not listed on the Important Announcements Thread. Here is the link. Maybe this has been out for awhile but I missed it. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ A link to the entire What's new Page here http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.18/help/whats_new.htm#4-3-18 Some Highlights. Bug Fixes • When writing an SD card with the Hardware Utility, in some rare cases where the first sequence only had REGular L
  12. Anybody know how to prevent this from appearing? Two things, I am on Windows 10 and created a virtual desktop. I found out the hard way that making changes to your virtual desktop mirrors on your main desktop. So, I screwed up my arrangement of icons. Anyway............. More importantly, I now have sequences with video. After creating the virtual desktop with a black background I thought I was good. That is, until the LOR Video Window briefly appeared between each sequence if there is video in it. It's a minimized box in the upper left corner. I have tried everything to hide this bu
  13. Ok. to begin with I am on 3.11.2. Have been for quite some time. Have several RGBs and 64 Ch of regular lights, and I have ran flawless until now. I have a new Desktop running the show. with I7 processor and 4G memory, and there is nothing else installed on this computer.. Also.. it is NOT connected to the internet in any way. The issue usually shows up in the first couple of songs on a 8-10 song loop. But never at the same song. I cant tell exactly what's happening, but my control panel says "not responding" and the comm listener has closed the window. It may come out of it in 45 seconds to 2
  14. My first ever light show was running as smooth as ever, finished up a 20 minute mash up on Audacity and come to find out I can't use Beat Wizard or view the waveform on the sequence editor because the media file can't be converted to the LOR internal WAV format. Is this an easy fix? I've tried converting to WAV, and MP3 through Audacity but still no cigar. I tried using the Tapper wizard but I've found out timing is a big pain using that wizard. And I've also tried converting regular length songs to the sequence editor and I get the same results.
  15. When I look at loading a "picture" effect I find that it accepts .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, and .tiff files. When I look in the PE Help file I don't find any material addressing "picture" effects. What are some of the rules for inserting pictures? What size should the images be? What works? What doesn't work? Is there a way to insert video into the effect? Mikey
  16. A pre-beta release of SuperStar is available. New in this release are: 1) You can now import image files such as .jpg files and .gif files and pretty much any other format of image file. 2) You can now compress effects into a group. After making a group, all the effects get represented by one "group" effect on the time layers. This frees you from the limit of 40 layers, because now you can have put groups on any of the 40 layers, and each group can contain effects in 40 layers. So this effectively gives you 40 x 40 = 1600 layers. This feature makes it much easier to create complex se
  17. I am hoping someone has a sequence to share for Lindsey Stirling's Celtic Carol. it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Are there any forum members/visitors who live in the Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, California area? I thought it might be fun to get together periodically (once per month?) in 2016 to discuss experiences and to ask/answer questions. It would be a mix of newbies and veterans, and could be chance to motivate all of us (as if that's needed). Ed K (Granite Bay).
  19. How do we add our signature back with our channel count, light count etc? I did see that no ones is showing up in the forums like they were in before the upgrade or is that something that was CUT OUT by the new upgrade in the forums format? Also WHY IT TAGS NOW A REQUIREMENT to Post in the forums when it has limited choices
  20. Hey everyone! I'm new here, and new to doing light shows. 2016 is our first year doing a light show. We have two 16 channel light-o-Rama controllers for our light show. First things first... How do I go about deciding which level of software to go with?? I'm not doing anything crazy this year. No RGB lights, no cosmic ribbons... nothing like that. Just simple LED lights. We do have 22 songs that we are programing the music to though. Not sure if there is a "song limit" on different levels of software. Also, next up are the lights. Where do all usually buy your Christmas lights?? We have the m
  21. Confession: I’m a ‘newbie’ to LOR, so bear with me. QUESTION: Is there a way to import/copy/migrate a ‘Legacy’ Sequence Editor Sequence (.lms/.las)/Channel Configuration (.lcc) into S4 Super Star Sequencer (.sup)/Visualizer (.lee)? Three years ago, we purchased Cottage Charm @ The Romack House, which included a LOR Christmas Light Show (2007 TSO Mix, 2007 TSO Wizards in Winter, 2007 Sing-A-Long Mix) which had previously run for ~7 years. The purchase included: LOR software (last update ~2008, version unrecalled), 5 musical sequences, 5 LOR controllers, FM transmitter, ~18k incandescent min
  22. I have saved an intensity file and see it in my Sequence Editor. I configured my layout in Pixel Editor with 4 arches and some simple effects. They play back great in Pixel Editor but no way to see them once in SE. Should I be using Visualizer, import that into Pixel Editor and then save Intensity File. I tried this when experimenting but everything went haywire after changing the props in PE. ie I selected arches and changed their attributes. After an hour of troubleshooting I decided to draw the layout in PE. I appreciate any help. Ron
  23. I want to build a matrix screen that is 30 pixels long in 30 rows giving a total use of 900 pixels. From what I can work out in Superstar ver 3.9 I can only have 24 rows, is there any way of creating the 30x30 row matrix in Superstar 3.9 ? Thanks and Happy New Year to All Martin
  24. I purchased my LOR toys late in the year (November) and by watching the tutorial videos, lots of trial & error, a couple of calls/emails to support and plenty of dumb luck, I was able to pull off 95% of what I had hoped to do. I would like to be a lot better prepared and a whole lot more knowledgeable heading into next year. I would like to understand the software better (particularly programming the Visualizer for RGB), learn to program for DMX and get a better handle on the hardware and controllers. Where can I go to learn more? Are there classes / seminars available? Lot of good in
  25. I've been running a mostly static show this year. I am using just one LOR controller connected to an ELL. My computer is connected to an ELL. Very simple. Everything was working pretty well since mid-December except I noticed occasional dropped commands. Over the summer I had upgraded all of my ELL's and set their speed to 115. I remembered reading that 115 might not be as reliable as 57. Today, I updated the ELL in the house to 57 and brought the ELL that was outside in to the house and dropped its speed to 57. After putting the ELL back outside and connecting it to the controller,
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