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Hey All, 


Hopefully someone can help me out with this. I am running a 12 CCR tree with a 6 ch star on top. The entire show is being run off of the mp3 G3 show director. 6 of the ribbons are connected to one of the network ports and the other 6 and the star are connected to aux network. For some reason every sequence is lagging tremendously (almost 30 seconds). They all start out just fine and then after about one minute they start to fall behind. The music is not lagging at all it continues to play straight through. 


Do anyone have any ideas of what this could be? 


Both networks are running on 57.6K speed. I tried the 500k but nothing played. 


Thanks any help is greatly appreciated! 



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What firmware do you have on your CCR controllers? I have heard that when going to 500K, the latest firmware needs to be installed.

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I had the same problem, but not as drastic as yours. I was losing a half second to 3 seconds. The problem solved itself when I redid the audio through Audacity. It set the music to 128 kbps and that solved the problem. No guarantees, but a good possibility. All you need to do to see, is open Audacity, import the music file and export the file back to the original name. I would also set "Normalize" on all of my music so that all numbers play at the same volume level while I was there.

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