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Consulting for someone want to make sure they order the right stuff!

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Hello all. Quick intro about me. A long time ago i was a member of Do it yourself C and made my own board for my moms house and put on a light show.


if your interested here it is.      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI93rYJLA2I


now 8 years later my mom is running a botanical garden and wants her own light show! its too late for custom stuff so she is looking to puchase a large kit from you guys.


Although I am more experienced than most in this field your products and website has me and her alittle confused. i want to make sure she doenst over or under buy what she needs.


Here is her email to me---


    "  Hi Nick!

So here is the main website for the product:
We want to put up a tree like this :
It does this (this is just one sequence)
So we want to add this tree but I want to be sure i get the correct hardware.  I think I can get the starter kit.  I think this is the set up I need. 
Then I would buy the already made sequences:

Let me know what you think.....  "



She will be putting a tree like the one shown with the exact light stands and channels so she can just purchase the already made sequences.


But it will be on an island with only power so she will be using the easy linker pair (i think!) to transmit the sequence from her PC to the ShowTime Central Starter package hardware. http://store.lightorama.com/ealili.html


**She will not be trainsmitting over raidio signal she will be hardwiring speakers to her PC(?)


Im looking for a fast response as she just informed me that the prices are raising.




OVERVIEW- Basicall this is what she will need. Please correct me if im wrong.


1. Residential Series 16 channel starter package http://store.lightorama.com/rese16chstpa.html

   -- My first question is how many channels does this setup need? Is it expandable and compatible with RGB Cosmic Color Ribbons? Can I expand it to the amount of needed channels?


2. (12)- Cosmic Color ribbons (included is ribbons, controller, and power supplys) http://store.lightorama.com/cocori.html


3. Easy Linker Pair http://store.lightorama.com/ealili.html


4. THe sequences she wants http://superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php



I know that is alot to advise but its not really straight foward how your hardware and sofware works with echother for a more advance system.

   I hope you guys can help us and if there is a better spot to post for support let me know please.


Thanks in advnace -Nick


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It all looks good except the easy light linkers. The easy light linkers do not have the band width to run CCRs.


Your choices are to play it directly from a computer or use the 

G3-MP3 ShowTime Director  (with real-time clock)

Here is a link to the page that describes it:


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