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Please Help With Adpater or Hardware Utility Problem


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I have been running up to 120 channels using D-Light AC-16s with LOR advanced software. I missed the last two years with a severe illness which led to disability but am trying to get going again. I get a COM port error (8002) whenever I try to start a show, and believe the adapter may have gone bad or I need to find a copy of D-Light's harware utility (I have a new computer since the old one with all the downloads fried itself a long time ago). If it is the adapter, I think it is an RJ45 to cat5. I can attach a picture of something that looks very similar. I have read that the D-Light controllers must have their proprietary adapters and their hardware utility program to operate with LOR. My best guess is that I need the hardware utility as I have thoroughly examined the adpater and see no obvious problems.


Now that I am on disability, I can't afford to just go buy replacements for anything even as trivial as adapters without being pretty certain I have the right answer. The help desk is understandably reluctant to assist since it is cross-platform, but I have done this for several years with the same setup and know it works. I cannot find any information as to whether or not D-Light is even still in business, so anyone that can, please help.

Thank you for the time,



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