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Adding DMX lights to LOR

Dj Rabbit

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I am trying to get a better understanding of how to add dmx lights to lor. I have a dj business and have a lot of dmx lights. I am very familiar with dmx and programing my dmx lights with my controllers for dj work. I would like to add them into lor displays. I know I could run them separate, but my end goal would be to make a sequence using lor that includes the dmx lights. So far, my understanding is I could add a idmx1000, which would plug into a controller outside, and then hook my dmx lights to that and editor would allow them added and program them. Also I believe I can plug a dongle into computer and get the same results. first way would only require one cat 5 going to computer, second way would require cat 5 and dmx cable run to computer. Am I understanding this correctly? also, I am running s4 basic plus, would I have to upgrade either way?  Thanks for any info.

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