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Survived 2015 - Where Can I Learn More?


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I purchased my LOR toys late in the year (November) and by watching the tutorial videos, lots of trial & error, a couple of calls/emails to support and plenty of dumb luck, I was able to pull off 95% of what I had hoped to do.  I would like to be a lot better prepared and a whole lot more knowledgeable heading into next year.  I would like to understand the software better (particularly programming the Visualizer for RGB), learn to program for DMX and get a better handle on the hardware and controllers.  Where can I go to learn more?  Are there classes / seminars available?  Lot of good info on the forums, but if I could sit in a classroom for a day or a weekend, I think it would be more productive for me.  Right now, I'm seeing references to lots of terms and acronyms that I'm certain most experienced people recognize and understand but are passing above my head.  Once I have the basics, those posts will be much more helpful and informative for me.  

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I know that there are get together where they have seminars through out the year on other forum sites. I will send you a link to another forum that you can check out where you can read more information including how to sheets on Wiki. I wont post the links, as i am not sure LOR want anyone promoting other sites.

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