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SSS does not save window positions and layout


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SSS v4.2.10

SSS does not save window positions or configurations. I am fortunate to have 3 monitors on my system to spread things out to work.


When I open SSS, it places everything in the main window. When I open dialog windows it also places them generally on the right bottom quarter of the SSS main dialog. See attachment 1 (3MonitorLayout.png). 


I then select floating windows and proceed to move everything around on 2 of the monitors leaving the 3rd for other applications.


Every time I open the SSS, open/new a sequence or even load a new visualization it resets the window positions and layouts. My preferred layout is the second attachment (3MonirotLayoutPreferred.jpg)


Would it be possible for you to add to the enhancements list the ability for SSS to save it's configuration of floating windows, windows/dialog positions, sizes, etc?


Thank you






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