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  1. Confession: I’m a ‘newbie’ to LOR, so bear with me. QUESTION: Is there a way to import/copy/migrate a ‘Legacy’ Sequence Editor Sequence (.lms/.las)/Channel Configuration (.lcc) into S4 Super Star Sequencer (.sup)/Visualizer (.lee)? Three years ago, we purchased Cottage Charm @ The Romack House, which included a LOR Christmas Light Show (2007 TSO Mix, 2007 TSO Wizards in Winter, 2007 Sing-A-Long Mix) which had previously run for ~7 years. The purchase included: LOR software (last update ~2008, version unrecalled), 5 musical sequences, 5 LOR controllers, FM transmitter, ~18k incandescent mini-lights, and all of the extension cords. I have since upgraded to LOR S4 Pro (4.3.4), with SuperStar Sequencer and Visualizer. Any help, tips, techniques will be appreciated!
  2. I know its last minute.... but i have 2 songs done for my show this year... and I would really like to have more... its has almost taken me 6 weeks just to program these 2 songs.. its only my second year and I am still having trouble programming songs... if anyone here is able to help me with some programming, i would really appreciate it.. I know this is alot to ask, but if i could send you the layout of my channels, and you can program any song you have with it.. Of courseI can pay for your help through paypal or direct deposit... whatever works best for you.... from what i have heard most good programers can program a song in about 8 hours.... as for me its taken 6 weeks for 2 songs... So i havent gotten the feel for it yet.. but i would really like a nice show this year... last year was a let down for me, because i didnt ask for help... so please let me konw your price and if you could program a song thank you... it would be a great help .... thank you in advance for ou help
  3. I know its last minute.... but i have 2 songs done for my show this year... and I would really like to have more... its has almost taken me 6 weeks just to program this 2 songs.. its only my second year and I am still having trouble programming songs... if anyone here is able to help me with some programming, i would really appreciate it.. I know this songs like a lot ot ask, but if i could send you the layout channels, and maybe you can program any song you have with it.. Of course i can pay for you help through paypal or direct deposit... whatever works best for you.... from what i have heard most good programers can program a song in about 8 hours.... as for me its taken 6 weeks for 2 songs... So i havent gotten the feel for it yet.. but i would really like a nice show this year... last year was a let down for me, because i didnt has for help... so please let me konw your price and if you could program a song thank you.
  4. So, I have a u MP3g3 mini-director, which is great....but, I have to use either the Simple Show Builder or the HWU to write my sequences to the SD card. Both of these applications are extremely weak for building a show. Neither lets you save a show to come back and edit it later - you have to build a show from scratch each time. Also, they don't let you add the same sequence multiple times, such as a voice-over announcement. Why not let us use the Show Editor, as well, to write to the SD Card. I feel like we are being punished for purchasing this extra hardware from you to run our show. Time to update across the board. Thanks.
  5. Brian, SSS v4.2.10 SSS does not save window positions or configurations. I am fortunate to have 3 monitors on my system to spread things out to work. When I open SSS, it places everything in the main window. When I open dialog windows it also places them generally on the right bottom quarter of the SSS main dialog. See attachment 1 (3MonitorLayout.png). I then select floating windows and proceed to move everything around on 2 of the monitors leaving the 3rd for other applications. Every time I open the SSS, open/new a sequence or even load a new visualization it resets the window positions and layouts. My preferred layout is the second attachment (3MonirotLayoutPreferred.jpg) Would it be possible for you to add to the enhancements list the ability for SSS to save it's configuration of floating windows, windows/dialog positions, sizes, etc? Thank you Howard
  6. Hello, I just working on 4 singing Christmas trees. and almost ready. We build them whit 12mm rgb leds. (it hurts on your eays) Now i buy 2 segences files and i am bussy to make one. Please would you send me some files! We want to show the American syle here in the Netherlands. They only put some light in the garden and thats it. Tanks, Mark SEQ-SCTCHRISTMASCANCAN-mark.lms
  7. I saw a few old posts on this topic back in 2012, but I didn't think resurrecting a zombie thread was appropriate... I was wondering if there was a way to a hierarchy to the layers of effects. It would be VERY handy in animations to have one layer completely over power a lower layer (think of the new years eve ball sliding down a pole, where the pole is one image, and the ball is another). Ideally, i'd like to declare the ball (in this example) as being on top, and completely overwrite whatever color is being shown on a pixel that represents the pole, as that ball slides down. I could do it by creating a few dozens static images of the ball in varying levels of descent; or if I could prioritize the layers (layer hierarchy) I could simply put the ball over top of the pole, and motion the ball image downward. Was curious if this feature ever made it forward into S4. Ryan
  8. Dual monitor support, ie, expanding the sequencing grid and visualizer sections to accommodate visualization on one screen and sequencing grid on the other. Export of more than 1 Intensity file from Superstar to Sequence Editor Higher CCR license, 60 is the max now, talk of 120 CCR in the passed year.There has been hints at all three of these over the passed year. I was just wondering if we might see any of these this year or next year. The higher Max CCR limit is not really a big deal right now as it would most likely be used for whole display morphs from R-L or up-down. This might be accomplished in the PE, but I don't know that for sure. Exporting more than one Intensity file is something, maybe a few would find useful. In my situation, I need 3. One for each of two pixel trees and another for the rest of the display. It may be that others need more, but I've not seen much talk of that on the forums. The dual monitor support would, I imagine, help countless people. In my display, as mentioned above, the 2 pixel tree visualizations are not a problem at all, but when I get into the rest of my display, my visualization is tiny. On a 32" wide screen tv, it is at best 6" x 4". For visualization mode morphs, it is difficult to get anything done unless I use the Magnifier tool in Windows. Just some thoughts to see if these are still on the to-do list. Thanks for a fantastic software and All of the work that has gone into the re-write to S4.
  9. When creating a matrix of DMX smart RGB Pixels in the visualizer, the option to "create the minimum number of fixtures" creates FULL universes of 170 pixels. (The other 2 options are even less desirable). I am trying to create a flag which is 48 X 24 pixels, and is evenly divided into 8 universes of 144 pixels each. (which allows it to be easily split into 4 pieces for storage) In the fixture properties for the universes it creates, the number of pixels is locked and cannot be selected or edited. This is not a problem in the Matrix Wizard of the Preview editor of the Pixel editor - it allows the user to specify the number or universes and/or the number of pixels per universe. Can something like the one in Pixel editor be added to Visualizer?
  10. Hello there. I have purchased few A/C controllers and really enjoyed my first season. Now its time for new ideas and one display i keep seeing on you tube is the front a house all lit up and the sections of lights move down the string in small blocks. I am wondering how this effect is done. thanks
  11. Hi I am a newbie to the LOR family and I am thinking of buying a starter kit. I have one question though, can we purchase the controller units with AS/NZ standard 10 or 15 amp 3 pin plugs?
  12. Not sure if I am in the correct forum, but here is my question: I am planning to do a Virtual Reality Santa in a window. I have a two story home and I am planning to do it in an upstairs window. I would like to control when the Virtual Santa is showing. Therefore I am trying to figure out is there a way to have the Santa in the window controlled through a channel in my sequencing. One of my challenges is the location of the Virtual Santa, running data wires etc. to connect to one of my controllers. I do have a set of the Wireless Data Easy Linkers. I also realize that having the projector going on an off, may cause an issue with the bulb or projector itself. Any ideas or suggestion on how to control my virtual Santa within my sequencing? Any other devices I need to do this? Thanks
  13. Does anyone remember and/or know where I can get that opening startup sequence that shows lights turning on and shorting out with sounds a someone running around switching plugs and resetting breakers until all lights come on and music kind of comes together? Saw it a few years back and always loved it!
  14. Brian, I just thought of something today. I don't recall this anywhere, but that's not to say it's not out there. How hard would it be to drop in an option in the code to select if using 2 monitors. With that option, the sequencing grid on one monitor and the visualizer on the other. I know the entire bottom section would need to be expanded to accept a larger visualizer, but it would be a great option. Just a random thought.
  15. Looking to see if I can run S3 via Windows emulation s/w (VMWare, Parallels, etc.). I do not want to run dual boot (bootcamp). I support Windows machines all day and about a dozen Macs, 50 iPads and over 100 iPhones. I am a Apple nerd. Any input is welcome. The ideal solution is LOR to embrance the Apple device world and publish a Mac OS X / iOS version. Wouldn't a iPad S3 and / or controller extension be awesome. I see a lot of potential. Oh yea, one more no - I will not be buying a Surface Pro to run LOR (or anything for that matter). Windows 8 is a... well perhaps my opinion doesn't matter except to me. Thanks in advance for you responses.
  16. Total noob who just bought 2 controllers and a starter package at the mad-grab sale. So, this is how I ended up here... A long time ago I saw a beer commercial (Lowenbrau, Heineken, Corona?) that had Christmas lights synchronized to music. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I figured the person who did that was some kind of genius. Probably a rocket scientist or maybe a warlock. I've always done a static light display at Christmas and although it wasn't great, my neighbors were generally impressed. Full disclosure: my neighbors are easily impressed. They had little to compare it to because there weren't a lot of displays nearby and they had to be complimentary because we supplied the drinks when they came over. Flash forward to the Fall of 2013. My mother-in-law sends me a video of some "super computer geek" who has made his lights flash to music. I am not happy. How can I compete with rocket scientists who may or may not be warlocks? So I do what every normal person would do, Google "Christmas lights with music". Almost immediately I stumble on this site. I've been absorbing all of your knowledge for the past six months and I am amazed at the stuff you people can do. Sadly, I still don't know squat. Last season, as we drove around looking at the light displays in our small town's Christmas light display contest, I told my wife that I was going to win next year. She patted my head in that reassuring way and said "sure you will". It was much like if she were talking to a child who said he was going to be President of the United States or maybe a warlock or Jedi. OK, now it's on. I just bought a couple of controllers the wife doesn't know...yet (stupid PayPal e-mails)... I am counting on the help from this forum to help me become a warlock. Thanks in advance, Terry in Arizona
  17. Kudos Light-O-Rama for listening to your client base and soon, giving us a lot of the requests we have been asking for. That being said, I have a few requests for the visualizer. There was utility that was created for the visualizer by Vfere863 (Victor) found in this post: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/26528-rgb-pixel-utility/ and was a great addition to the tools some of us use. Although not supported by LOR, it made creating Non-LOR fixtures a breeze. There were a few enhancements made throughout Victor’s evolution of this utility, which is what I will mention in this post as a request for the Visualizer. First, when creating non-LOR pixels in the Visualizer, each individual bulb is a single fixture. In my case, it became apparent that some things need tweaking. For example; a 16 leg x 50 pixel mega tree is 800 fixtures, over half of the current 1024 fixture limit. The CCR wizard creates 16 fixtures. Request # 1; when using the CCR wizard to create props, create checkbox choices for CCR or DMX and create the prop or fixture in whichever protocol the user chooses. This way, for the elements we use that are not CCRs, will react the same way to the visualizer. CCR props would act the same way they do now.Second, for the ones of us using DMX Universes, we do not use channels 511 and 512 in a universe. During the Superstar evolution in 2013, Brian and I spoke of DMX. Since Superstar was written for CCRs, using DMX was something he never looked at. Brian e-mailed me and asked how DMX was used. Throughout our emails, I told him the same thing. When he created the DMX keywords for the visualizer and Superstar import, the system skips over those 2 channels and starts with the next universe if the string spans more than one Universe. The channel wizard does not do this. So, when a string does span more than one Universe, wherever it splits, it creates Universe 1 channel 511, Universe 1 channel 512 and then Universe 2 channel 1 for the same single pixel. Wherever that split is, each string that spans 2 universes, must be manually changed forward by 2 channels. Victor created this in his Utility, so it can be done. Request # 2; when using the Channel Wizard, add a checkbox for “E1.31 Compliant” and in the code, if this is checked, channels 511 and 512 at the end of the Universe will be eliminated.And last, some folks are using pixel strings longer than 64 pixels. When creating props, only 64 fixtures are allowed per that prop. It would be nice to eliminate that restriction or enhance it to include more than the current 64 fixtures. Request #3; Allow more that 64 fixtures per prop for Mega Trees and Matrices, (the big props).Again, Thank you LOR for giving us what I’m sure will be a fantastic software that will help out not only the non-pixel users, but us pixel users as well. I am eagerly awaiting the enhancements. Regards, Ron
  18. Hello all. Question? I want to run a wireless setup with the mini Director. I made generic diagram below of what I was thinking and would like to know if it was posible somehow. Here is the standard setup What I want to do is get rid of the hard wire between the mini director and the controllers. like this
  19. Hi all, we are going to be having a very big NYE show .. Fog machines, strobes, intimidators etcetera. I was wondering if anyone had any Rock, Techno, NYE related or any type of sequences that aren't Christmas .. That they would be willing to share with me? This would be greatly appreciated. My email is superman_74@me.com
  20. would it be possible to add export function to s3 that keeps audio file with seq so i don't have to rejoin the two every time i move one seq from one pc to show pc
  21. I have built a 14 row by 50 column array with LOR CCP's and used SuperStar to do its basic animation. I asked LOR through a Help Desk question, if they knew of any way, software or hardware interface, display a video sequence on the array. They recommended that I go to the forum. I found several discussion on projecting a video file to a projector and synchronizing with a show but nothing about this topic. Does anyone know of anything that could move me in this direction of will I have to go to another vendor for the video wall?
  22. The following was copied from a post by Tim Fisher. I like Tim and many others are tired of spending MANY MANY hours updating channel configurations! 1) I've literally been asking for this since LOR 1.0. But it's even more important today: "We need a better way to handle changes in channel configuration". Back when I had <200 channels, it was a PITA to have to go through 10 or 20 sequence just because I decided it would be more convenient to plug something into one controller instead of another. Now that I have about 4800 channels, it's not just inconvenient, it pushes me to the verge of suicide! Loading such a file, even on my pretty modern 8-core intel i7, takes most of a minute. Then loading the correct channel config takes 2-4 minutes. Then saving the file takes another couple of minutes. Take that times 20 sequences, you do the math. Take it times 40-50 sequences like some folks here have... Uhm, n o. What we need, at a minimum, is a version of "import channel config" that allows you to select multiple files and let them crank away while I'm off setting up or going to the crapper or something. Even better would be to have the channel configs be dynamic - that the sequence would not contain this info, but instead look it up in the channel config file - so that if we changed that file, all the other sequences would "just work". Hello LOR, do you read these forums? This request was made last year and I could not find one response from anyone in authority from LOR. This problem is a real issue when running 40 plus sequences with 1000's of channels. LOR please help and give us a solution to this serious problem.
  23. What would be a nice feature to have, is the ability to add marks or some other type of user setable identification inside the sequencing grid. I have a 3 string CCP star ontop of my ribbon tree. I prefer to have all 150 blocks of the sequencing grid on one row for morphs and such. Currently, I have 2 yellow stickies on my monitor to show me where the break points are so I don't have to count for every scene and morph I set up.
  24. I wished the ss would bump up from 3600 channels because I have 4833 channels and I have to do the same song 2 times with half my channels then the rest throw it to sequence editor then copy paste into 1 to make 1 sequence would save a lot of trouble and time thanks regards JOHN F. one reason I ask this is because when I try to load both sequences in editor on 3.10.8 (of which I inputted on beta forum)before I start to copy paste editor crashes
  25. So I did my first LOR show last year with a 16 ch controller. It went over very well with about 30 people showing for opening night. This year I took advantage of the sales and picked up 3 more controllers. My big addition for the year is going to be a 10' Spiral Tree. What I cant figure out is how many strands of lights to use. I don't have a huge budget, so I plan on using Multi color LED Wide angle mini lights rather than solid strands of each color. I just cant figure out what is a good amount of strands to use. Will 16 strands work or should I use more? TLDR 10' Spiral Tree with Multi-color wide angle mini lights, how many strands will sufficiently make it look good (On a Budget) Thanks
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