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4.3.22 has all the new SuperStar features!


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Version 4.3.22 has the most recent SuperStar code and includes the features and bug fixes mentioned below. Please download and give it a try!


New Features:

Added Preferences dialog box, Added Layer Priority Feature to the Preferences dialog box

Added Transparent, Semi-Transparent, and Solid in the Effect dialog boxes

Added "Move or Scale Selected Effects..." dialog box (accessed through the Tools menu)

Improved Image Group Modify dialog box so that moving text actions has the same interface as the other Group dialog boxes

Added speed control for twinkle and shimmer in the scene and morph dialog boxes

Added Silhouette Mask feature to images

Added ability to change and create folders in the Load/Save Clipboard dialog box. (Also, Theme clipboard files are now in the System folder.)

In the Manipulate Image dialog box, added the ability to increase or decrease the brightness of and image

In the Morph Group Modify dialog box, added "Shorten/Lengthen Tails" option

If your license level does not support the number of channels you are sequencing then the sequence must be saved as an encrypted file and the encrypted file can only be opened from the computer it was saved on. 


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where the number of rows in the Timing Map for Instant Sequence was being set to 3
Also, the code was not seeing when the number of rows changed, and after the number of rows changed the Timing Map typically did not match the actual number of rows.

Fixed a bug where if it is a CCR wedge tree with lots of strands and it is counter clockwise, the code thinks it is clockwise and the order of the strands is reversed.

Superstar was using an audio centisecond length that was 40 centiseconds less than the real centisecond length.


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The new features are fantastic, particularly the layer priority features!   I did find out that enabling this on an existing sequence can cause some strange things to show up if you have overlapping events without respect to row location.  Some of them turn out to be really cool but it can also mess a few things up.   With more variables to mess with, I'm looking forward to applying some changes to sequences that I thought were pretty much done for Christmas this year.  I am glad, too, that this is a per-sequence preference so that I can update sequences as I find time.

Thanks Brian, for adding more great stuff to an already great program.  Last year, with a 24x50 matrix added to our display, I spent 99% of my time programming in SuperStar and I probably had more fun than any of the 12+ years prior.  There just appears to be so many more things a person can create, particularly with respect to the timing of  the music, than what can be done with the pixel editor.   

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Thanks for the comments. As you say, enabling the "layer priority feature" can change how an existing sequence looks in some cases. Note that existing sequences default to having the "layer priority feature" disabled so that they will play back the same way as they did in the past.

Also, note that even with the "layer priority feature" enabled you can set effects to be "transparent" and then it will play back the same way as in the past.

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