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My movie effects are gone?


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I have been busy building effects in Pixel Editor. I copied the sequences to my show computer to see how they look. None of my "movie" effects render on the show computer. All other PE effects work fine. The movie files are in an identical directory on the show computer. If I go into PE on the show computer and re select the movie file PE renders fine. If I have to do that for all of my songs I've got a big problem because I have used the movie effect frequently. I must be missing something. Anyone have any ideas?

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You will need to do this once for each sequence on the show computer...


1) open the sequence

2) select Sequence > File References from the menu

3) click "Select All"

4) click "Change Directory"

5) select the directory where the movie files are located and click ok

6) save the sequence

7) save the Intensity Data


You should be good to go!



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The other option is to save the intensity data files on your sequencing computer, then just move the lms and lid files to the show computer. No need for the movie (or picture) files after you have created the intensity data (.lid) file.



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