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Using 'Picture' in PE


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Hardware issues solved, so time to get deeper into software :)


I'm not even going to look at MOVIE this year but would like to use PICTURE

Have a small matrix and would like to flash pics on it. Especially words. like JOY  or something.


Made an Adobe file PNG the same size as my matrix. Pixel by Pixel. Figured if I just colored in the ones I want lit it would look good. Doesn't seem to take, various changing problems. All the regular Effects Generator stuff works good.


What do you use?


Also Matt explained to me if you tag the pics -01 - 02 -03  etc. Then it will flash them like a movie. It does work but am getting the problems above the way I am doing it.

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What "various changing problems" are you seeing.  I use Paint.net to do the same thing, Pixel by Pixel, and I haven't had any problems.

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Here is what I said in another post today:



In MS Paint, create a png image that matches the size of your prop. Set all of the pixels to black. Then set the columns or rows that you want on to white. Save the image.


In PE's effect generator, set the right-hand effect to picture and point it to your png image. In the middle, set the mix to "Mix_Rt_Reveals_Lt". Now use a colorwash, or any other effect on the left. Only the rows or columns you enabled in your png image will light up in the middle (result) window.


You can use this technique to apply any pattern - not just rows or columns to a PE effect.



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Thanks Matt I will try that.

Here is what happens to me. I don't think it is a Adobe save error because everything is there. Just repeating middle section twice.


Left 4 rows are blank because that controller fried. Help Deck guys replacing it for me.


Have quadruple checked the wiring.

CAT 5 goes to unit 1,2,3, skipped, Pix controller 5 (6/7), Pix controller 6 (8/9/)


Pix control wires are in right order, read online. there's a fold.   5= strings 5&6 7&8

                                                                                                    6= string 9&10  11&12


I'm lost on this one!






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Something in the Hardware Utility (HU) setup must not be matching what you created in the Pixel Editor...


When you click the "Refresh" button in HU, do you see the CCP's at unit id's 6 and 8 (and 4 once the other unit is repaired)?


All CCP's are set to dual-normal and no string is reversed? All are running firmware version 1.21?


Just checking...



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Hardware. Max unit ID was at 8. Set to 10. No change.


Swapped wire at control unit, you know, just in case. What happened was correct. If you see my tree pic above the last 4 columns changed places.


Between each change I unplug everything, exit programs, control panel and restart. So no left over effects.


Hardware settings:

Found 5 units     01 - 16PCg3 Ver 1.08   02 and 03 the same

                           05 - CCB100 Ver 1.21  06 the same


Config : CCR-CCB Config : Dual normal     triples     8 sequence speed     50 pixels     1 num of end to end

                                            DMX mode - both Macro and RGB channels



Just stopped in to give your above idea a try.

Thanks for getting back so quick

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 05 - CCB100 Ver 1.21  06 the same


This is not right. Your broken one would be 04. The next one must be 06, and the last one 08.


Hope that helps,



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I know what your saying, but even with both on Dual Normal hit Hardware refresh that is what it gives me.


Do I need to do anything in Pixel Console  or Light console? Have never been in there.

Advanced Config?

I really do not know where else to look... 



On the brighter side your PAINT tip above is awesome. Ideas I never had. Building trees with snowflake fill on the pic. Great for opening to O' Tannenbaum.

Making pumpkins and other stuff. Just wish PAINT would zoom more, pretty small to work on.

Taking heart that I will get this part figured out and I know my replacement controller is already on its way.

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No one ever said put Dual Normal mode on first then address the units. Seems fixed. Will know for sure when new unit arrives.


Unplugged all. Only plugged in middle unit (should be 06/07) came up as 06 so I was heartened. Addressed it anyway.

Plugged in right unit. REFRESH, came up as 05 :(  Addressed  it as 08 anyway.

Did the trick. Fingers Crossed!


Owe you a bunch Matt for taking all this time with me. Thank you.

Hope it helps to know many people will enjoy OUR show, cause I would have tossed in the towel :)

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