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Pixcon16 Capacity Rating


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I called into LOR one day and spoke to someone about the Pixcon16.  I am running strands of 100 lights at 12 volts that consume roughly 5 amps.  I asked if the 4 amp blade fuses could be changed out for 7.5 amp fuse and was told that the leads on the board were too small and that 4 amps was it.  Now I see on the website there is this line:




"16 SPI ports, each protected by 4A mini blade fuse (can be changed up to 7.5A)"


Who is correct?  The site or the person who I spoke to at LOR?

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Keep in mind that there is a board maximum of 32 amps per bank, so you could change a few of them up to 7.5 amp fuses, but you better have some that draw very little.

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