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PE help with a couple Questions please


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Spent the afternoon learning Pixel Editor. Think I am getting it but still have a couple of questions.


1- Effect Generator. What are MOVIE and PICTURE? Seems like it wants to open a file, can I make pictures to put in? Wonder about the quality.


2- TEXT. I set my pixel string matrix up as 6 high X 50 long. Just bought 3 CCP strings (2X50). However any test I try to create is always cutting off one line - top or bottom, even using the Position Offset slider. As if the default is 7 strings min. Any way to change it to 6 or even 5?


3- More Choices. Is it possible to create your own effects? Not seeing a place where I can control each pixel. I would like to make  trees  and  planes  and  talking faces.



Thank You



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  • The Movie effect is for playing uncompressed AVI movies recorded at (or converted to) 20 frames per second. This works best if the movie is close to the size of your matrix.
  • The Picture effect can display jpg, png, gif, animated gif, and bmp pictures. Again these should be close to the size of your matrix. There is a flag to scale the picture or not. Don't expect pictures from a camera to display well, unless your matrix is huge. If you have a series of pictures where the file names have a suffix of -1 to -999 or -001 to -999 then the effect will flip through the pictures sequentially.
  • 6 pixels high is simply not enough to display text. I would recommend folding your strings in half so your matrix is 12 x 25. Text will display fine on that.
  • If you want pixel level control, consider using a paint program to create png files that are exactly the size of your matrix and then displaying them with the picture effect.
  • Another possibility is to use the text effect to display wing-dings, Christmas-dings, and similar fonts.
  • A draft of the "LOR Effects API" has been written and is undergoing review. It will likely be published in early 2016 and allow users with coding skills to create (and share) their own effects.

Keep trying things out on the Pixel Editor. There lots of ways to combine effects to create something that is uniquely yours.



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Lot of great ideas here! Can't wait to try them.


When setting up my Prop 12X25

any folds?  bit confused by one controller doing two strings



I have units 1-3 as my 16 channel controllers. So do I start at unit 4 and let PE set them up? or divide into three? or even 6?

Unit 4 is 2 strings Unit 5 is 2 strings Unit 6 is two strings

Unit 4 is one Unit 5 is one..... etc


Thanks for the help. Finding SuperStar to be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps when I get PE down and I know my show is progressing for this year I will take another stab at it :)

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I set up my 2 CCP's as 8x25 to give you an idea. Each controller is configured for dual-normal mode - so each 50-pixel string gets its own unit id. Mine are unit ids 10-13. See the attached pictures.






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Thank you Matt. Exactly what I was looking for.

Made some pictures in Adobe. And one exactly 12 X 50 pixels, use this as a frame work for my ideas.

Now to get the matrix build IRL and see how it is transferring over :)

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