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RGB color changed from red to blue on its own?


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Hi to all. My system has been working fine until yesterday. All of a sudden when I'm in the  Sequence Editor my lights are blue when the red boxes are entered and my lights are red when my blue boxes are entered.  All other colors work fine?  Everything  else works work as it should.

What Happened?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Light-o-rama v3.11.2,  S3 software upgrade to advanced +.

3 - CTB16PC controller Units

1- USB-485

1- SanDevice E6804 Control Board

2 - GE G-35 Color Effect RGB strings, 50 each

1- 5V DC 8.0 Amp power supply

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Is it a E1.31 controller ? Ive had it happen where my pixel controllers are, for example, set to BGR as the color format. Then I power it on and it resets back to RGB. So the red and blue got flipped. 

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Thanks bbass101, you are correct about the E1.31 controller. I corrected the problem a couple days ago and all is working well.

Thanks for your input.....

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