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Help setting up a project environment.

Guy Dreger

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Does anyone have any advice on setting up the S4 Suite (Advanced) To better handle Projects.


What I mean by Project is things like;












I know you can put all the documents in one big mess of files (say S:\Data\Light-O-Rama\ ).  But then you loose the project nature of it.  i.e. If you Make one improvements to a song you loose the previous song it was based on.  Then I can't reference specific sequences from older years.


It also causes problems with the song reference in a sequence being absolute address ( S:\Data\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Audio\Song.mp3) instead of relative addressed ( ..\Audio\Song.mp3) or By project relative (  Audio\Song.mp3 )


Archiving older projects are also a big pain as you can't simply zip up the project directory ( S:\Data\Light-O-Rama\Halloween.2012 )  but rather have to parse all the directories and files and try to figure out what's what.


Now, I've bandaged something together to hit the big problems but there are still annoyances like File->Option Never going to the right default.  The .lee file being manually located.  Having to edit the .lms files manually etc...


Now, I understand this is just home based software that is targeted to a single person with one house.  But I can't help but thing I'm missing something as there has to be others that thing more project based.


Any idea's out there?


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You could put all audio files in <default folder>/audio

Then put sequences in <default folder>/2015-Christmas or <default folder>/2015-Halloween.


With the audio in the main <default folder>/audio folder you wouldn't have to worry about where it is relative to the sequence that you are working on.


Personally, I store stuff outside of 'My Documents' and inside of it's own directory elsewhere on the PC. I also have customers data stored in their own directory so that I can reference it when needed. (And for what it's worth, that customer directory is outside of the <default folder>/ location.)

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Yes.  But I think that's the crux of the problem.  All the Audio files will be in one folder.  


If you have different <Default Folder> for each client, How do you change the default folder.  i.e. it only asks that on install and reinstalling with every project changes seems a bit over kill.


Where do you put your <Customer>.LCC file?

Where do you keep your visualizations?

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Visit lorfaq.com and search LORPost.exe to see how to change the default folder.

With everything else, I just keep all customer files in one directory. So customer gets his own directory customer B gets her own directory etc.

I keep everything for a particular customer in that folder. So the visualization files, channel config files and the audio all of that stays in one directory.

If you are wanting to set up project folders, I would not worry about the default directory. Why? You're going to spend most of your time opening the files from the Windows File Explorer then you are the file-open within the sequence editor.

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