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Need help setup rgb mini trees


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I am trying to set up my new rgb mini tree in the pixel editor.  My sequence is done and controls my trees. I am using a HolidayCoro AlphaPix 4 and my trees are 140 pixel each, 135 for the tree & 5 for a star. I have 3 tree per output, (total of 10 tree) they go over 3 universes. I can get the first tree and star to work in the right color (red) but the next two trees are in blue.  Do you have any suggestions to set-up props in pixel editor?


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Off hand I would say that either the controller is expecting 510 channels in use in each universe and the other is expecting 512. I'm on my phone now so can't look things up.

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But still, only 510 channels per universe or 170 pixels. When setting up the trees, just above where you assign the universe numbers, set it to 510 channels, not 512. If Jim's thoughts as well as mine are correct, this is your dilemma.


Also, if my math is correct, 640 pixels is 40 shy of 4, full, universes

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yes you are right but when I setting up my trees in the pixel editor some of the trees goes over 2 universe like


Uni.        #of Pixel      Channel Range


tree 1

22              135           1-405               Base

22                 5             406-420          Star



22                29           421-510        Base first unv.

23                106         1-315            Base second unv.

23                  5             316-330      Star


Tree 3

23                 49           331-510       Base frist unv.

24                86             1-225          Base second unv.

24                  5             226-240      Star   


I can set up my first tree ok, but it will not let my setup the other trees over 2 universe.

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Your numbers don't add up. 


The end of universe 22 you list channels 421-510 which is 90 channels or 30 RGB pixels, but you list 29.


The beginning of universe 23 you list channels 1 - 315 which is 105 RGB pixels, but you list 106.


The beginning of tree three you list channels 331-510 which is 180 channels or 60 RGB pixels, but you list 49.


The beginning of universe 24 you list channels 1-225 which is 75 RGB pixels, but you list 86.


All that being said, you do end up with the correct total number of channels and pixels per tree, but the start points are not where you think they are.


Remember that the LOR software will not assign a RGB pixel spanning universes.  Therefore, if you are using the entire universe with RGB pixels you can only use 520 channels because the next RGB pixel would use channels 511 and 512 and have to span to the next universe for the last channel.


You need to make sure the AlphaPix is not trying to use channels 511 and 512 in each universe.  As I have never even seen an AlphaPix, I can't help with that setup, but I'm largely still going on a mismatch between 510 vs 512 channels in use.

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Remember that the LOR software will not assign a RGB pixel spanning universes.


Jim - this is not correct. In the Pixel Editor you have a choice. For DMX, set "Max Channel" to 510 for controllers like an E682 that do not allow a pixel to cross universes. Set "Max Channel" to 512 for controllers that do allow pixels to span universes - DIY Light Animation controllers are an example.


I own both, and the Pixel Editor can handle either situation.


Mastertech - make sure "Separate Universe # for each RGB String" is NOT checked. Your second universe on trees 2 and 3 will not show as a separate row in the channel grid. Instead, it will be listed in the Carryover column. If you have any questions about whether channels were assigned correctly, in Preview Design select your prop and then select Prop > Layout from the menu. A window will open that shows the universe and channel # for every pixel in your prop.



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Jim - this is not correct.


Sorry, I was not specific enough.  Unless it got fixed somewhere during the beta, I recall that the new draw pixel string utility in Visualizer wont properly cross universes.  A quick test that I just did confirmed that.

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