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First String of RGB Lights - HELP!


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Hello Everyone - total Newbie here!


Planning to outline my home with RGB lights this upcoming holiday season and recently bought a set of Cosmic Color Pixel lights to play around with and test the functionality of the hardware and software.


I was able to begin the configuration using the Hardware Utility tool, however, some of the lights in the string (about 10) would not light up. I also noticed only one of the strings that were plugged into the controller was lit up. Could someone help me here? Are the lights defective? I spent several hours last night trying to figure this out with no luck?


If someone could post step-by-step instructions on how to configure the new string of lights, that would be hugely appreciated.


Thanks for all of your help!

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Thanks for posting Jerrymac. Unfortunately I had no luck following this method. I still have only one string of lights on, and the full set is not lit. I'm growing a bit concerned that the lights themselves are not-functioning properly. Is there any way to reset the lights and controller back to factory settings so I can begin the setup process from scratch? Perhaps I've altered a setting somewhere that's preventing both strings from lighting fully.


Thanks again for your help.

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Try this:

Resetting the controller sets all parameters except the Unit ID back to the factory defaults.

Press and hold this button when powering up the controller to reset it.

After resetting, the controller will run a simple pattern on the bulb strings.

Press this button after the controller has booted to activate trigger 3.

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Thanks for the support Jerry. Turns out the string of lights i received had damaged bulbs. I called LOR and was able to exchange it for a fully functioning strand. I'm now able to light all 100 bulbs using the steps you have outline above. 

I want to start using these strings to play around with the sequencing software. Ultimately, creating a basic sequence using these strings and watching them play out while plugged into my computer. I believe this will help me become familiar with the LOR software suite (I have already watched all video tutorials). Would someone be able to point me in the right direction as to how and where to get started? I'm sure there might be another thread related to this.



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