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MonkeyBasic to LOR - can't see Audio Track in LOR SE


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Hello everyone!

Need Some Help!


For my Halloween setup im making singing pumpkins from ATMOSFEAR dvd they will be on left audio Chanel and my 3axis Skull on right.

Im using ServoDog and MonkeyBasic to program animatronics and when i export to LOR my skull working and i can hear my audio - but i CANT see audio track...?? i THINK  i Have  to see it??? to DISABLE or remove it, and SWAP with my Video AVI FILE in LOR Sequence Editor.


All servo working sequence playing, audio working but i don't see that audio track


Any help appreciated! Thanks

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Thanks A lot - u point me to right direction, i still learning LOR. i was talking about "" Wave Form" - was Off - i found right next to Audio Visualization... Thanks

And Monkey Basics doesn't Transfer Audio  - i found it after couple try's. Tranks!

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