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I've got 4 of the LOR Commerical Controllers.   I am getting into RGB.  I would like to run my show off a raspberry pi. I will be running to a E131 dmx bridge. Does each controller need it's own universe or do they all get universe 1 and the first controller 1-16 2nd 17-32 and so on?


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Hi Jim,


You can run up to  address 20 on the controllers (32 controllers total) and fit them all in a single DMX universe (512 channels)


See http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/DMX-DOC.pdf


In the most basic sense, Universe is just a Nickname for the Adapter, but since you have RGB experience, you probably already know that.

So with your  E1.31 bridge you should be able run all 4 of your LOR controllers in one universe with no problems.


Good Luck with the raspberry pi.   I've gone DIY with hardware this year too and am learning a lot.



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