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LOR 3.10.x & Verifier error message 7 audioconv.ocx

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If you run the LOR Verifier on a sequence using version 3.10.0 through 3.10.14, you may receive an error that reads:



Application file does not exist, Error, 7, "[path to Progam Files]\Light-O-Rama\AudioConv.ocx"


If so, you can safely ignore that error, and no action is required on your part.


AudioConv.ocx was used in 3.9.x and below.  With 3.10.x that library is no longer used and no longer distributed.  Unfortunately, we forgot to remove the check for it in the Verifier program so it is flagged as an error. 3.11.0 (when officially released) and above will have a fix for that and no longer report the error.



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