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Using CTB16PC with DMX-RGB and light linkers?


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I have been using LOR CTB16PC units for the last 3 years and have been asked to put up a display for the community.  I am looking to branch out beyond just using the AC control side and incorporating RGB dumb strings and RGB floods into this new display. 


The set up I am trying to complete has a clubhouse, a central green space, and a also separate gazebo approximately 300 yards away. I am figuring that I will have:


 - traditional LED/incandecent lights

-10 RGB floods - kits from Holidaycoro

- numerous dumb strings 




- 5-27 channel dmx controllers - from  Holidaycoro


That said my challenges are:

1.  Not sure how to control the floods and strings using a PC from the clubhouse office - I am confused on the hardware.  Do I need to use the CTB16PC units and somehow connect the dmx controllers to them.  OR do I need to hook them up separately?  OR should I use the DC controllers that are on the LOR site and somehow incorpoate them into the CTB units to simultaneously control the AC and DC channels?


2.  Since some of the display is far away I was looking to use the light linkers.  Therefore, do I need separate linkers for the dmx and the CTB16PC controllers or will one set of linkers carry all the data for both the DMX and the CTB units?


I hope this is somewhat clear.  Pretty new to the DC side of things.

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1 - What we would recommend is to leave your current LOR network, dongle and sequences in place as is.  Then just add in the Actidongle for DMX output to the floods and just modify your sequences to include the new DMX channels.


2 - We can help you with the specifics of this question once we have more information.  Contact us at holidaycoro.com for support on this issue.





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