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Move tracks from one sequence to another?


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OK so I screwed up, I added 10 tracks to a sequence I was working on last year for the addition of Pixels this year. The problem is sequence I was working on last year was never finalized meaning last year I cleaned up all of the tracks and created a lot of groups to organize it all and that one didn't get done.


So, does anyone know how I can copy these new tracks to one of my completed sequences so I can export it and import to the rest of my sequences.

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*Make a backup copy and work from it.*


You can *try* to save the sequence from last year into a Channel Config.

Then you can *try* to import that channel config into one of your completed sequences.


Others have reported that when importing LCC's into a sequence it would sometimes add tracks, etc., to the sequence and not overwrite. It's not something I've ever tried (and if I did it didn't work thus I don't remember it.)


Again, this is a long shot in my opinion, and probably won't work. (But, it's worth a try.)

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