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Guest DarenG

Hello all.  I just purchased my first controller and would like to know if there is a way to integrate video show with LOR?  For example, I have a hologram that I display for Halloween that I would like to come on during  a sequenced singing pumpkin display I am working on.  I am really new to this and just don't know if this is possible?


If so, if anybody can give me some tips and what it would take to accomplish this that would be great.  Apologize if this is a stupid question but all this stuff is new to me.  I have always done the hologram but now would like to make my Halloween display more extensive.


Any insight from you experienced users would be greatly appreciated.

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Depends on how you have "done" the hologram in the past. Is it just plugged in and off it goes? Does it have to be turned on? Do you have to go through a start sequence of some kind?


LOR controllers come in many flavors. What one did you buy? The original light controller works like a dimmer switch controlling the AC voltage to the "fixture" which is usually a string of lights. But it could be anything that runs on AC voltage. Of course, LOR can flip that dimmer around at computer speeds and in time with a soundtrack.


There are LOR controllers that act as relays. And others that control DC voltage. Or servo signals. Give us more info on what you are trying to control and you should get more accurate recommendations.


Welcome to our world!

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