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Small video windows that pops up on video sequences


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Yes, those of us who run video sequences are all aware of the small window the pops up in between video sequences. Over the years, I've been told by the LOR developers that they can't see a way of getting rid of it and it is something that Windows is doing.

Well, here is something I noticed that may allow the LOR developers to fix this problem! When a video sequence has finished...and another video sequence is loading is when you see the small window appear. IF a non-video sequence has finished and it goes to load a video sequence, the problem does not present itself. Additionally at the beginning of the show for the night, the first sequence is video and it does not show the small window. The small window only appears in-between video sequences. So maybe your algorithm on closing out the video should echo the same and hopefully this problem will go away forever! Thoughts?

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