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Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

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you can configure them however you want but as of the lates Falcon software each output can handle 14 panels, I have only gotten 12 to run on each output though but I don't need that many, was just doing it as a test

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Here is a quick test of 8 of my P10 panels being driven by two Raspberry Pi 3s controlled by LOR S5.  Each Pi is controlling one row of the matrix.  I'm doing it this way because I have not receive th

P10 Matrix 

From the photo provided by caniac, the board used to control the P10 boards from a Pi is sold for $13 at http://renard-shop.com/home/48-raspberry-pi-matrix-adapter.html  I just ordered it.  The R

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49 minutes ago, k6ccc said:

The ColorLight card most of us are using is eight outputs - not 16.


Oh ok, I saw the 5A-75B and the 5A-75E model, figured the E model was newer/better.  No idea exactly.

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On 12/14/2017 at 12:13 PM, caniac said:

that's definitely the easy part, mine is pretty light (I used and aluminum frame).  It has a groove in the front for plexi if I want to water proof it as well as one behind it.  depending on the wind you should have several options.

Do you have a picture or link the the Aluminum you used to make the frame?

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