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  1. Do you have TeamViewer installed on your computer? If so, I can remote in and see what is going on.
  2. Ah, the Whole House Transmitter - subject of many threads here. A better name would be the Whole Room Transmitter - that's about all it will cover. Go get yourself one of the CZE transmitters (link earlier in thread or numerous similar available). You will be much happier.
  3. As I recall, Visualizer has a limit of 50 pixels on a LOR string and that is something that LOR has stated that they are not fixing. Maybe a little push to go to S5 (where long LOR strings are no problem).
  4. Makes me glad I have never used a Director...
  5. Yes, S5 is worth the learning curve - especially if you have lots of pixels. And yes, there are some things that LOR is not planning on fixing in S4 - Getting more than 50 LOR channels on a pixel string in Visualizer for one...
  6. Actually for my opening night this year, that is exactly what I am going to do...
  7. Stay with S4 for your 2020 show. Start migrating AFTER your 2020 season is completed. That will give you all year to figure it out. Some of it is fairly similar, but there is A LOT of new.
  8. I tried what I suggested. Other than I had added an un-necessary step or two, it worked perfectly. Let me give a step by step of what I did. 1) Created a preview called Test Left with a Left Tree, Right Tree, Left roofline, Center roofline, Right roofline, and a matrix. Saved that Preview. 2) Copied the Test Left Preview to create an identical Test Right Preview. 3) Edited the Test Left Preview to shrink the Right Tree and Right roofline down to not much more than a dot. Parked then in the corner. 4) Edited the Test Right Preview to shrink the Left Tree and Left roo
  9. 100% agreed. Unless LOR adds a newer higher level license. Advanced use to be the top end license until they added the Pro a few years ago. However, don't let that hold you back. Get the Pro...
  10. Yep. Fix it one place - not both. Glad you got it figured out - finally. And Go Dodgers!!!!! World Champions!
  11. As Don said, as long as you are using LOR (or ELOR) network, 3,000 feet should not be a problem over Cat-5 cable. If you are using E1.31 (DMX over Ethernet), yes, the 100M limit applies for Ethernet. If that is the case, you would likely be better off with something like a Part 15 microwave link as opposed to almost a dozen switches en route to keep the Ethernet alive. Over a half mile to the neighbor across the street?
  12. No. It means that J5, J6, & J8 are each used to bridge a DMX universe from E1.31 to one of those RS-485 ports. Then you would connect those via Cat-5 cable (carrying DMX data over RS-485) to DMX devices such as DMX controlled lights, DMX controllers, DMX controlled snow machines, etc. Since you are running the Pixcon16 controllers in E1.31 mode (recommended in my opinion), you MUST connect each Pixcon16 via the silver connector to a Ethernet network switch. BTW, don't connect an Ethernet connector (the silver one) to a RS-485 connection.
  13. J3, J4, J5, J7, & J8 are RS-485. J3 & J4 CAN be used to daisy chain ELOR networking or as DMX output (if using the board in E1.31 mode). J5, J7, & J8 are only DMX outputs (only when the board is in E1.31 mode). There is no Ethernet switch built in, so if you are using E1.31, each Pixcon16 needs a Cat-5 cable (carrying Ethernet E1.31 traffic) to a network switch. OK, just saw your reply. I see you are running E1.31.
  14. Are you trying to connect these via E1.31 or Enhanced LOR networking? Also to avoid confusion, please refer to it as a Cat-5 cable - NOT as an Ethernet cable (which implies E1.31 networking).
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