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  1. From what I read in the Pixie manual (page 17), GE Color Effects lights are not supported. I have about 450 of them in my yard, but am using either SanDevices or Falcon controllers to control them (via E1.31).
  2. Note: that only works on Gen 3 controllers. The older controllers don't have that capability.
  3. k6ccc


    You CAN add controllers, but there is no need to, and for the most part (especially in S5), it is easier to add Props rather than controllers. This is particularly true if a prop either has more than one controller, or one controller has more than one prop.
  4. k6ccc


    Same here. I never add controllers. I add props and assign channels to the props.
  5. I doubt you could get away with that. By the time the holes were enlarged enough to hold standard pixels, there would be very little coro left along the lines. That would leave poor mechanical strength. There is a reason that coro drilled for pixels has far greater spacing than coro drilled for mini-lights. Think about it. The Holiday Coro singing faces have 200 mini-lights just for the tree shape. By comparison the LOR pixel based singing trees have about 200 pixels for the entire product. That's one of the things I don't like about most pixel based singing trees - the lines look bette
  6. k6ccc

    basic plus

    He said mini-director.
  7. During the import process, there is no provision to delete an existing preview (I just checked to make sure). So I guarantee you did not not delete your preview when using the import process. Sounds like you need to have a remote session with either one of the LOR developers, or one of us. There are several of us that should be able to walk you through most of that. Do you have TeamViewer loaded on your sequencing computer?
  8. If you are using pixels, that's not hard. If you are using strips I recommend against cutting them unless absolutely necessary. If you're on almost any Windows version, there is a tool called the Snipping tool. That lets you create a rectangle around whatever you and then save that as a file. If you are on Windows 10, it's easier. Press and hold these keys [Windows] [Shift] [S] That will let you grad various shapes and it copies the screen capture to the clipboard. Then paste into whatever you want. If you are wanting the same the screen capture, paste into Paint and then save w
  9. That was kinda my guess. Breaking it up into 5 separate lines seems like the easy solution. Then group as needed (possibly several groups arranged differently).
  10. Also, does the Pixie support null pixels, or does it think that there are 163 live pixels? I don't use Pixie controllers so I don't know if that is possible with them.
  11. Can you post a screen capture of your preview? The Preview should exactly match reality.
  12. Your poll on question 2 requires an answer even if the answer to question 1 is yes.
  13. I don't use directors. If the one you use can schedule shows, you can still do what I suggested.
  14. Write a show with whatever lights you want on steady. Schedule that show at the times that you want those lights running. Are you running your show from a computer or a Director? If a Director, which one?
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