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  1. As several of you are, I run MIIP. That means every song is played as the first song in a "new" show. I ran two tests today, and was seeing several seconds of delay (up to 5 or 6) between songs - seemed like forever... I can't post a log because show computer does an automated reboot Wednesday afternoon - which of course wipes the status display log. I'll run another test tomorrow morning.
  2. Since you said you are using Pixel Editor, is the LOR network set to Enhanced? And is the CTB16 a Gen-3 controller (the status LED on the board normally is Green rather than red)?
  3. Pretty close. For all practical purposes, you never want the same channel being controller by more than one sequence at the same time. And before you ask, a channel that is off is NOT the same as not there. Since you are using S5, what this means is that you need to have two (or more) Previews. For example using my year round landscape lighting show. I have Previews called "Landscaping with steps", Landscaping without steps", and "Landscaping Steps only". The names should be pretty obvious. The Startup sequence uses the "Landscaping with steps" preview. Part of what that sequence does
  4. You knew it was there somewhere :)
  5. Sure. Background: A background sequence or sequences will play for the entire time that the show is running. This most likely would only have a few channels, but might include things like a tune to sign, blowers for inflatables, lights on a flagpole. Startup: A sequence or sequences that will play once at the beginning of the show before animation or musical sequences start. For example you might have a sequence that takes some lights from off to some "beginning of show state". Another use that I use is to have a short sequence that controls no lights, but executes a Windows com
  6. It it on an Enhanced LOR network?
  7. @DevMike In your post about digital signatures, all the images files are failed.
  8. Me too. My first year was 2012 with just animations on a 12 x 50 pixel tree - sequenced entirely with SuperStar. Since then, almost everything is sequenced in SuperStar. Sounds like you found a workaround that works. A bit of a pain, but at least it's working. That is somewhat similar to what I had to do years ago when Visualizer could not build a string of pixels with E1.31. I had to sequence as if it was CCRs and do a copy / paste to another sequence that had the E1.31 configuration (or something like that). Before giving up on S5 for next year, get ahold of Brian. He may have so
  9. Please post the fix in case someone else reads this with the same problem.
  10. OK, why are you trying to set the layout within SuperStar? That should all be coming from the Preview. Are you doing sequencing in SuperStar or just trying to set the configuration? The config should all be coming from the S5 Preview.
  11. More likely a data problem. Since you swapped cables, visually inspect the RJ-45 connectors on box 7. Mainly you are looking for one or more of the pins that have moved and are crossing another pin.
  12. Electronics don't like heat! Glad you found it...
  13. You are partially right. I also sequence almost entirely in SuperStar (and have since 2012 - although almost never using the auto sequence capabilities). There are work arounds. You were part way there by opening SuperStar outside of the S5 Sequencer. Ignore the warning that you did not open it properly through the Sequencer. Assuming you still have your old .vis file from S4, you can still create new sequences in S5 SuperStar. Then export to Sequence Editor in Legacy format. Open that file in Sequencer and go through the upgrade process and you're there. Then you can add the Motion Ef
  14. I have had great service from them as well.
  15. That was me. I had a fair amount of hardware changes that were happening (both new stuff and a major rebuild on my pixel tree, and both the eves and roofline). I had some surgery in end of June that gave me a month of recovery time to work on the sequencing, but I could not do the physical parts. Put the old eves lights up for Halloween, but did not even bother putting the roofline because that was in such bad shape. So here we are 3 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes till show opening and the pixel tree is not quite done - but there's only an hour or two to go. The P10 matrix and singing faces n
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