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  1. I should have added one more about the Pixie. With the new PixieLink E1.31 interface, you could run a Pixie controller via the PixieLink using E1.31 from your show device, and therefore require an Advanced or Pro license. Not used to thinking about the PixieLink yet...
  2. Absolutely. At least the CMB16 and CMB24 DC controllers. Pixcon16 requires E1.31 which requires at least an Advanced license or ELOR which requires a Pro level license. Pixie controllers may or may not require ELOR depending on which docs you read.
  3. <soapbox> This is one that drives me nuts. So many people are determined that they need to build controllers. No, in the Prop Editor you build props, and assign them to channels - which will be on one or more controllers. </soapbox>
  4. That will do it! Glad you got it working.
  5. That fails my sanity check. Hardware Utility does not care about license level and ALWAYS operates non-Enhanced.
  6. Using Phil's suggestion of deleting weeksched.lsc and yearsched.lsc just note that you can rename those files to something else so you either don't loose the data, or can easily change schedules simply by renaming a file. For example, I have a weeksched - Year-round.lsc, a weeksched - MIIP.lsc, and a weeksched - Halloween.lsc (plus a few old ones). In a week when I switch to my Halloween show, instead of re-creating the entire schedule, I just copy weeksched - Halloween.lsc to weeksched.lsc and I'm done. Same thing for Christmas. BTW, all this is done in Windows, not in LOR.
  7. Actually getting a small amount of measurable rain this morning. Only 0.06 inches, but it's better than nothing. At least gets the grass wet...
  8. That line made me laugh! You can keep your snow...
  9. In S5, that information is in the Preview.
  10. What does the Windows Device Manager show? The comm port for a USB adapter is assigned by Windows - NOT LOR. You can change the Windows assignment using the Windows Device Manager if desired, but you can not change the Windows comm port assignment from within LOR.
  11. Open the Windows Device Manager and expand "Ports (COM & LPT)". See what comm ports are in use. Plug in your USB to RS-485 adapter, and see what additional comm port shows up. That is the comm port Windows is assigning for that adapter. Since you have additional adapters, repeat for each adapter. Put a temporary label (P-Touch or similar) on each adapter so you will have that info for future use. I say use a temp label because it could change - and will likely be different on a different computer. Windows used to routinely change comm port numbers for USB devices, but Windows is much better at that with newer versions.
  12. If the source is from a S4 Sequence Editor file, there is no magic that will convert it to Motion Effects. If the source is from a S4 Pixel Editor effect, I THINK you can migrate that to a S5 Motion Effect (I never used PE, so never tried to do this).
  13. For bullet type pixels, you can drill a hole through the PVC so that the pixel goes all the way through the PVC. Leave it so that the back end of the pixel is about flush with the back side of the PVC - leaving only the wires behind the frame.
  14. I bolted a short piece of unistrut to the clamp and then used a Unistrut pipe clamp that is clamped to about a 18 inch piece of pipe that is pounded into the ground. Note that this is for permanent mounting for my year round landscape lighting. I can take a photo and post it if desired.
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