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Community Answers

  1. That's better. JR Dibble is the resident Pixie expert. He'll pop in soon enough with the answer. BTW, if you think Don was being overly picky about the Director type, please understand that people often ask questions where the details are very important to get the correct answer. And you would be amazed at the questions that get asked some times....
  2. There is and that works to get them closer. BTW, none of this applies for anyone still running Windows XP.
  3. You can turn other software down some so that LOR can match it.
  4. Software piracy is not appreciated on this (or most) forums. However with that said, as I understand it, the pro versions require a dongle to run.
  5. As long as you build the preview to match the way the actual props are built, it will work.
  6. I enjoyed the show and glad I attended. Yes, the classes were where to spend your time. I agree that there was not that much on the exhibit floor. I was very glad to be able to spend close to an hour each with Brian and Matt of one on one time. Also met a number of people I wanted to meet including Dan Baldwin, Aubrey Kall, Don, and others. Was able to make a product suggestion to Dan. Outside of LOR, there were several others I was able to meet. The hotel was very nice in my opinion.
  7. Holiday Coro - a supplier some of us use.
  8. I realize this does not help you now, but for future reference, making that change in either SuperStar or as Motion Effects would be much easier.
  9. Off hand, most likely the cable you are plugging into LOR #1 to go downstream to other controllers is either wired wrong, or shorted. That or the pins are crossed over in the connector of LOR controller #1. First step is to very carefully visually examine the pins in BOTH connectors of both LOR controllers. Next step is to test your cables with a cable tester (if you have one)
  10. I run year round landscape lighting, so should be able to help. Depends A LOT on what you are trying to accomplish. Yes, much lower price, far harder to deal with a warrantee issue. The vast majority of my pixels came from Ray Wu. If you do place an order with Ray, DO NOT simply order through the Alibaba ordering system. Contact Ray with exactly what you want and request a quote. May not save anything on the order, but you will save substantially on the shipping cost. Yes, one LOR controller with a standalone sequence can drive other LOR controllers on the same LOR network. There are limits as to how much sequencing can be saved in a controller.
  11. Thank you. At least on current schedules, I will almost never be able to attend except via phone
  12. Guess I won't be there since no one has responded about there being dial in capability... Somehow, I think the California Highway Patrol would not appreciate me trying to watch a zoom session while driving down the freeway in rush hour traffic...
  13. You're an hour early. Until the room is opened by the host, you can't get in.
  14. Link please? Also, does the room have a dial in capability? II will be driving home from work, so video is not an option...
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