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TJ Hvasta wrote:

Yep, I was going to repost those threads too..

As Don said, sleeve method is quick and easy.. from the very first wrap to the last zip-tie, I can bang out a sleeve in 7-8 minutes, an arch is done in a lil over an hour..

For the New Kids On The Block (I prefer that to newbies), dont forget, if you want arches but ya arrrrre Channel-ly Challenged.. you can mirror each arch, meaning, plug each respective segment into the same channel:

Arch 1, segment 1
Arch 2, segment 1
Arch 3, segment 1, etc into channel 1

Arch 1, segment 2,
Arch 2, segment 2,
Arch 3, segment 2, etc into channel 2 and so on..

that way, you can add several arches to the remaining channels you have. The arches wont be able to leap from one to the other, but the leaping effect of 2, or 3 or 4 arches going at the same time is still amazing!

I did something similar to that but I used 5 arches, 3 in the back, 2 in the front dividing the back 3. 14 channels total, 5 arches, 7 segments each arch, 100 lights per segment, 3,500 lights total. Sleeve method segments about 15 inches.
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Here is how I mount mine. I have the sleeves. We get at lest 6" of snow. And at times feet! So I made a mount. My ground here was WAY to rocky, for rebar. I'd start pounding one in, and hit another rock. So this way seams to be better. Plus it holds it upright too! And when it snows, you will not see the pressure treated wood.

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I make bracket/mounts for everything! Here is my strobes. Everything comes apart for easy storage! You can see my other lights in the background, in a mount too.

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Mark Showalter wrote:

This is my first year with LOR. I just started in October. I have a nice 20 ft. tall Weber tree, 5 mini trees and two of the four arches built.

This site and these forums have been invaluable. I would not have been able to get as far as I have in this short time without the shared knowledge you all provide.

My question is about the sequences for arches. I have 7 sections for each arch. I've been able to create the leaping effect but I have seen other effects on various videos that have been posted on LOR. The effect I'm most curious about shows every other channel being lit at the same time as they move up and over the arch. For the life of me I have not been able to sequence that. What am I missing?

I found this sequence useful:
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Thanks, I've downloaded and will take a look tonight. I drew the seven channels out on a bunch of Post-it notes at work today and I think I've figured out the pattern needed. Looking forward to plugging them in and seeing it all in about a week and three hours.

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