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  1. How is a next door neighbor blocking the sale of the property?
  2. Orville you do know that those emails from your wife's "uncle" (a Nigerian prince) promising you his inheritance are a hoax, right?
  3. So are you implying that the same can't be said of this forum since it is "official"?
  4. I am impressed that you receive ongoing HIPAA compliance and security training in order for your company to be able to offer that type of service. HIPAA audits are a pain!
  5. So does your SyncHostingServices company actually do the hosting (on your servers) or are you just the middle man selling the product of another company? If the latter, what company is actually hosting the sites?
  6. I have been more than pleased with StableHost. Easy and cheap. Use promo code DOY94S9TB7 for recurring 50% off yearly hosting price for life (i.e. you get 50% every year for as long as you renew yearly). I used this type of promotion years ago when I first started with them (after switching from 1&1) and I have automatically received the discount every year since. Their support is excellent. Site is very reliable (never have had any unannounced downtime, and they communicate very well if it is going to be down for maintenance -- only about 15 minutes yearly at 1AM).
  7. Somebody's about to get a good deal.
  8. I disagree... Had he drove the fence post 2' into his roof I doubt it would have fallen over.
  9. I usually change out my wires every 3-4 years in case they are getting brittle from the brutal cold, though have never had one break. I suspect since the center post anchor that I use supports about 4' of the tree pole that even when very windy there is still minimal movement in the pole, thus minimal added strain on the guy wires.
  10. He never would have had a problem had he used a T-fence post for anchoring his tree pole.
  11. Looks like all the "clutter" provoked some official communication from LOR after all... Will be interesting to see what the new software brings to the table. They have a tough price point to beat with the competition that is already out there. Hope LOR comes through on this one.
  12. I use turnbuckles on my guy wires as well. Sure makes it easy to adjust/balance tension. It is surprisingly easy to remove the T-shaped fence post. We here in Ohio deal with tons of clay. Some years the ground is frozen and some years it is a soggy mess. Either way, the fence post removes easily. Since it is so rigid, it doesn't bend when you rock it back and forth (unlike other metal posts or re-bar that I have more difficulty getting out since they bend). Therefore after doing that a few times, you can lift the post out without much effort. With regards to the tree pipe piledriving int
  13. Pretty sad when a LOR Forum Administrator (whether paid or not...though he is a LOR Partner) considers paying customers' discussion about the company's future software release "clutter", in a thread that is about that topic no less (in the LOR Software section of the LOR forum). His post is the one that stands out like a sore thumb in my opinion. Not sure where in this post he felt there was "complaining about the lack of communication" anyway. Well, I guess the fact that he considers that lack of communication from the company a "problem" is a start though. So who gave this sneak peak p
  14. Though the above is possibly better/easier than the portable hole, I prefer my approach. Several years ago when first starting off, I was planning on using a portable hole for my mega tree base. However, I was worried about storing the portable hole, and figured it would kill the grass during the winter. Plus seemed like more work than was necessary. Therefore, instead I went with using a T-shaped 6' fence post to anchor the pole (about $7 at Lowes/HD). Drive it about 2' into the ground (can use a level to ensure you are driving it in straight if desired). The fence post is very rigid, so y
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