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  1. Hello everyone, Those of you that are my friends on FB, may have noticed, I am gone off it. for good. I wont be back, its just too much of a time waster, I get sucked in and like Hotel California, can never leave. So, grieve not, I am only available by email. Things at home are in the toilet, no Halloween show, no Christmas lights. I'm not actually at home anymore. Please don't ask. Just keep me in your thought every now and then. And no, I am not a danger to myself, or anyone else, only runways, and tires.. Take care.
  2. TJ Hvasta

    New Jersey

    nobody's actually - in - NJ... they leave as soon as they can walk P-) I suggest tho, you put your town/city in your location so others may know where you arrre and be able to help. TJ (Jack Sparrow... oiy, there should be a Captain in there somewhere) (Somerville kid here)
  3. I use between 7-9 songs/pieces that run every 30 mins with a minute or two fading up/down lights at the beginning and end.
  4. I do naught know wot possessed me ta return 'ere, bu' seein' me thread bumped reminded me I did naught post th' video o' me snow machine.. On a timer it is, so it fires e'ery 2-3 mins or so.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOd_Lj6P54c
  5. I fly over St. Louis.. does that count?
  6. Cant really add more to what the others have already offered.. you were saying abt the lack of 16ch sequences.. you can use a higher channel number seq, just use the portion of it that looks good.. assign those specific channels to the ones you have.. meaning, go into the seq, and edit the unit/channel numbers for the parts of the chase, or fades, or blinkyblinky that you want to use, and set those channel numbers to the unit/number you have.. ..so someones unit 12, channels 1-16 becomes your unit 1/ch 1-16, or even just a part of them.. if the borrowed seq ch's 1-6 have an amazing chase,
  7. WL doesn't use S2/3? Folders are the same are they not?
  8. Forget the Spring Sale, you'd never survive the carnage. Have you ever seen piranhas feed? Think of that image.. The quantity is very, very limited and the sale is over in 15-20 minutes. Wait for the Summer Sale. And software's never been on sale for as long as I've been here.
  9. Not understanding what you are asking.. you dont know where to put the sequence, and where to put the audio files? You have a Sequences folder and you have an Audio folder?
  10. Be sure to look on FreeCycle.com, and CraigsList.com also in your area.. there are people giving stuff away on both sites.
  11. he answered this last year in the original threads found farther down in Halloween, other than asking Kevin, those are incand floods.
  12. 'think he meant squibs.. the term is squibs, that light off fuses, as in the Estes rocket motors.. tho, OP being from Brazil, they may have their own terms below the Eq.
  13. www.TackyLightTour.com www.christmaslightfinder.com www.mapmuse.com
  14. I was trying to find the link to the pic so I wouldnt have to upload it, but the site that had this pic didnt allow copying the URL.. And the message I hope is clear to the OP..
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