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  1. New one, "continue the story in three LETTERS or less." Post three or less letters, next post, either and three letters or less to make a new word or new word. Good luck, Lets start with Th
  2. shfr26

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    The best I ever got was like 10 cents a foot. From Skycraft surplus in Orlando fl
  3. Did I miss it or did you get software also? If not, download the demo version and get familiar with it. If you did, make sure you have the correct level of license to do what you want. Advanced at least. Enjoy the fun. Kiss your , never mind, you will understand later in the year.
  4. shfr26


    I do not like the song and would never use it, just my opinion. In response to only using "Christmas music", I use several types of music. Some of the non Christmas tune are the favorite of the folks that stop by. A sort of wise man once said " they are Christmas lights set to music, not Christmas music set to lights" or something like that.
  5. shfr26


    You do not need your license to start. You can sequence without it.
  6. shfr26

    New P.M.

    Thanks DevMike, another spammer gone.
  7. Anybody else get a P.M. for on line shopping, write a review and get stuff free?? Never heard of the user before. Just curious.
  8. Side note: There is a Facebook page for Light O Rama user tho
  9. If you add a controller, even if you don't have one, you can still sequence it and it will show the lights on in the SE.
  10. And from sunny Florida also.
  11. They should, DO NOT use Martha Steward lights!!!!!!!
  12. ID number and the initials of the fire department I worked at.
  13. shfr26

    FM Radio Channels

    I ran my show on 107.9 for three years. I wonder what those people watching were listening to if it does not exist?????
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