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New LED product (Win $50)


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We will be introducing some new hardware in this year’s Summer Sale. One of the products needs a name and we are asking you to help us name it.

This new product is a flexible RGB, LED strip with controller and power supply. The strip has 150 high power RGB LEDs on it. The controller is a custom150 channel controller designed specifically for it. Here is some more information: http://lightorama.com/Documents/CR150D.pdf

The price for the strip with the power supply and 150 channel controller is $249.00. It will be pre-sold during the summer sale for $229.00. This is an expensive item to make. At Digikey, an electronic components supplier, the 500 quantity price for a comparable LED is over $1 and there are 150 of them!

We need to get the control boxes silkscreened with the product name but we do not have one so that is where you come in.

Please respond to this thread with a suggested name. Two names per person. This thread will close on Tuesday June 30th. We will then pick our favorite name and the winner will get a $50 gift certificate to the LOR on-line store. If the same name is entered more than once it goes to the first submitter.


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name submission 150 - 50 - 2 - RLL

name reasoning channels - rgb channels - concepts - ribbon led lighting

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fair28 wrote:

No suggestion yet, but, do you have a video you can post with a demo of it's capabilities?

Not today, we will have video when we put it in the store.
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Hmmm.... cool... (great, another wank in the budget planning!) :D

Ok, attempt #1 - Spectra-Arc

...and now I'll go off and try to contemplate another possible name,

and figure out how I might use one (or more) of these critters...

(mumble, snarkle... yet another layout re-design) :)


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-klb- wrote:


Or maybe


That way you can write things like LOR's LAR product is the must have for this years hip show. The first one could get confusing.
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What, you didn't like the name Showtime ?

How about ColorSlide

or maybe ColorRunner


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