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  1. Hope everyone is having a good year. Been a while since I posted. (I didn’t even post last year’s Halloween show, wow). This year the kids were excited that we were doing Gravity Falls! Bill Cipher is back to take over the Mystery Shack! Every year, less and less people are out. Out of 14 houses on my block, I am officially the only one giving out candy. So sad. Well, hope you get a chuckle! (If you don’t know Gravity Falls this will make zero sense, sorry)
  2. Merry Christmas! Crappy year, but at least I got something done that I really wanted. I have just what you need, another video of Let it Go!! Guaranteed to be a little different! Watch it without sound if you must.
  3. Hello! I have 4 1602W controllers for sale. All of them have some issues. 1. One cat5 port doesn't work at all. The other one works after some jiggling. Asking $130 2. One cat5 port is raised up off the board, but works. The other port works with some jiggling. Asking $130 3. Cannot get the controller to connect with the cat5 ports. (And these ports look the best out of all of them....) asking $100 4. LED status light does not come on. There is power to the board. But that is as far as I have gone with testing. Make me an offer. so if you feel like taking on a project.
  4. Hello! It was a rough year getting motivated. Not my best work but the kids had a great time (well, the young ones, the teenager, I think, is DONE helping dad!) It's tough finding some sucker to spend Halloween recording your show. So with regards to the quality, I'll take what I can get! The pokegym is built with corrugated plastic and lighted with led modules. I will post some pictures as soon as my lazy but digs through the camera. Thank you again, Eric
  5. Not the best. But everyone had a good time. Hope you like it!
  6. I am running 18k channels now. Originally I had lots of lag during video playback on my matrix (and even during a static picture moving across the matrix). It was originally rendered at 20fps. I scaled it down to 10fps and it seems good. Xlights has no issues running the show at any fps setting. My computer is more than capable. I think the issue is s4, it cannot hang. I love sequencing in LOR, but it looks like I need to find something else to actually run the show.
  7. Even better 5800 pixels! Lol! With video. But you can tell, there is lag at certain points. (If you can't tell, awesome!) But I can and it was killing me. For Xmas I was having lag issues with video. I just finished rendering them at 10fps instead of 20fps and it seems to be fine now. But I do not tax the program like I did in 2012 with whole songs of video. I only had 4k pixels in 2012, but show was huge and smooth http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/26025-15gb-lor-sequence-new-years-skrillex-mix-at-the-happyholidayhome/?hl=skrillex
  8. Well as much as I hated doing so.... I rendered the matrix again at 10fps instead of 20fps. It's very smooth now, funny though, the only things that look choppy are the pics that cruise across the matrix, ha! Video is perfect though!
  9. Worse!! I used a leather punch. Drilling required me to clean the holes afterward. The leather hole punch is very clean. But hurts the hands!!!
  10. I would love it if my show computer was the issue! I am going to try and re-render the video at 15fps and see if that works. If not, then I need to find another option to run the show, booooo.
  11. I was hoping that this issue would be limited to my halloween sequence which was 10 min long. But I just finished my COTB sequence and it lags also. I ran the show without and reg LOR channels and just the e1.31 and t lags in the same spots every time. The sequence is 900megs using 5800 pixels for video (and Im not done, lol) In 2012 I had 4000 pixels running video constantly (my skrillex sequence was 4 min and 1.5GB) and it ran flawlessly. I really expected this to work.
  12. I use the DC controller to run the 12V relays that power the 12V linear actuators to control power and direction. http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?32273-Motor-question-for-a-Dragon-Prop-or-best-way-to-do
  13. I agree with max. I just use big zip ties and no sealer either. My weather is pretty mild, but we get the occassional storm, no issues yet.
  14. I have never used the vegomatic, but there is a way to combine LOR configurations, it takes a few min, and you will lose all your groupings (including RGB groupings)of the merging config. Lets say that you want to merge configA and configB. First determine which config will be the original, or the first part of your new config. Lets say that Config A is all your stuff from 2014 that you are continuing into 2015, and config B is all your stuff from 2012 and you want to merge the two. 1. export both configs, then create 2 new animations using boths configs. 2. We are adding config B to config
  15. I only have 32 LOR channels used over 3 controllers, is that the issue? It seems like such a small number of channels should be a non-issue. hmmmm
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