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  1. Have you checked that hot and neutral to the controller are not reversed? Just the current that is allowed to leak without tripping a GFCI can light up a LED string pretty bright. If that is not it, and you do have a tiny leak through the controller, nothing says for sure that it is the triac, and not contamination on the board. If adding some resistive load helps, I would recommend building a set of phantom load plugs and using them as needed. We have several hundred, as we have 80 channels that simply won't dim correctly without them, another 80 that usually won't dim when wet without t
  2. We are not really in a good place audio license wise to be posting video. But if you search YT for "The Colony Christmas Spectacular" you should find viewer posted video. Your issues sound more like a bad cable or jack to me, or maybe cables too close to power cables. The memory leak would work normally right after a reboot, and then have issues, (possibly not long enough to notice) then crash or lock up.
  3. Advanced has no artificial limits. Just what your computer can handle. Over 60 controllers here. There are threads with the change log for each version that you can evaluate if they are relevant to you. I think 3.8.0 has a memory leak issue, but I think 3.8.2 has it fixed, and is available to anyone licensed to 3.8.0, without any additional license upgrade. We had 60+ controllers well before 3.8.
  4. Launch sequence editor, and look at the window title. It should say the license level.
  5. If your cables really are all good, a bad RJ45 jack, or a bad com chip are the next two culprits I have experienced. But a reset never hurts to try.
  6. If you have multiple networks, never answer yes to this dialog for any com port other than the one assigned to your regular network. And honestly, not even then. It is a shortcut allowing those with only a regular network to set the network configuration of the regular network without going into the network configuration. But it is a trap for users with multiple networks. If your regular network is com3, and auxA is com6, and you use the HWU to test something on com6, and answer yes, you will now have a network configuration with regular network on com6, and no com port for AuxA, and nothin
  7. Not entirely sure where the disconnect is. It usually really is that easy. We currently run 5 networks of LOR and 16 universes of e1.31, and other than having the "is this the network to use for shows" question in the HWU mess up network configurations, it always has worked as expected.
  8. No. There was rumors of a e1.31 to multiple network device, and being able to set some of those networks to LOR, but I have not seen it yet.
  9. Connected really doesn't matter. Sounds like you had them configured to unicast, but not configured to ip addresses on your network for e1.31, which does matter. Partial configurations have lots of ways to get you. And guessing how much partial configuration was done has lots of ways to miss.
  10. Multicast only. But I'm guessing that the partly configured universes were probably still set to multicast, causing this issue. So it might be good for protection from partly complete configurations.
  11. You need to configure madrix to control the lights. The iDMX is not even an option. I'm no sure if madrix is compatible with your DMX dongle, as I only use madrix with e1.31 output. You will only be able to set up the dongle in LOR or madrix. Not both.
  12. Black is usually a perceived error condition. In this case, most likely it believes it is a duplicated packet. This is not a behavior I personally have seen with Windows, but I a no longer surprised with how stupid it can be. Can you send the output from: netstat -rnv Also check to see if updated drivers exist for your wireless interface?
  13. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/21604-im-having-some-e131-issues-anyone-want-to-help/?p=206129 But boiled down, to get multicast to go out one interface: route -p add mask <ip of correct pc interface to use> metric 5
  14. Two issues. If you are using multicast e1.31, you need to add the route for multicast, and you might not need to add the management ip route, as it is probably already there and correct. Another possible issue that you may need to force the weight. Let me see if I can dig up one of my old posts.
  15. The Cat 5 logic is would suggest that an WiFi router would also work. But plugging the LOR network into an Ethernet port can kill the Ethernet port. Don't go there. There are probably some RS-485 wireless bridges that would work, but they may even have screw terminals, or if they have cat 5 connectors, they may still have different pinouts, or different baud rates. Nothing will be as plug and play, or have the LOR support of the real LOR product.
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