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How can I get a 30x30 matrix in Superstar v3.9


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I want to build a matrix screen that is 30 pixels long in 30 rows giving a total use of 900 pixels. From what I can work out in Superstar ver 3.9 I can only have 24 rows, is there any way of creating the 30x30 row matrix in Superstar 3.9 ?


Thanks and Happy New Year to All



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I just tried to build a matrix using CCR mode and made a matrix that was 30 high by 50 wide.  And if you use Visualizer to build the matrix and import into SuperStar using Visualization mode, you can make it any size you want.  I just used the matrix wizard in Visualizer to make a 30 x 30 matrix using DMX pixels.  saved that and imported that into SuperStar without a problem.


What is the problem you are having?


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I know it will work in the more recent versions, but I think you will have to upgrade to a newer version than 3.9.  I don't have a record of exactly what version you will need to upgrade to.

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