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PE Effects and Superstar Effects for Same Prop


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I have a DMX prop (mega tree). I have programmed some effects in Pixel Editor and some in Superstar. Why you ask, I had Superstar effects from last year that I liked. I have exported bith the SS and PE intensity files back to the SE sequence. The programming does not conflict (I have no SS and PE effects in the same time slots). I then realized that the SS effects are not visible in the PE visualizer (which I use for all visualizations now). So I made the SS effects into a 20fps .avi file and loaded them into PE as movie effect. Everything looks great!


Now I wonder will I have a problem since both the SS intensity file is in SE and the PE intensity file with the embedded SS movie is in SE. Will this "conflict" cause a problem? If so, I assume I should just delete the SS intensity file from the sequence but I can't figure that out.


Any advice?

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